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Birth of a new obsession

I’m not sure why but I’ve never been into Napster, Kazaa, or any of the online music stuff-whatchamacallit. I have Dean Esmay to thank for changing all that. He pointed me in the direction of the marvelous Winamp, which beats RealPlayer and WMP like a cheap rug. And like the hopeless compulsive I am, I spent the rest of the day seeking out ever-new and esoteric sources of music. If any readers have good sources for opera MP3’s, please get in touch.

The Difference Blogs Make

In the wake of the recent forgery detections by LGF and Chronically Biased, one of the thoughts on my mind is all that naysaying that the blogosphere will never be as relevant as old media. This underestimates blogs and vastly overestimates the news establishment. In any medium, most of what is transmitted will have relatively little impact on overall society. The earth-shaking stuff is rare – and in that exclusive arena the blogosphere can truly compete with old media.
Update: 1972 Email Casts Doubt on Bush Guard Service

She’s back!

One of the most articulate and passionate bloggers out there is Alice Bachini, and I was disappointed when I learned that she had discontinued her blog. However, she has taken to Texas like a duck to water, and it appears she has moved there permanantly.
And even better (for me) she has rediscovered her voice- so please go visit Alice in her new (Texan) blog.

The Coolest Kid in Class

God bless our Bloggfather, Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury. He is one of the smartest and funniest people I’ve come across, ever. And I’m not just saying that because he hosts this blog. Here’s a sample from his latest ramble:

Did I mention we’re dieting here at Casa Hendrix? Well, we are. The gf is unhappy about her weight lately – which seems to happen every so often – and if she’s unhappy we all are here, including the cats and dog. Personally, I don’t care; I haven’t even owned a bathroom scale in like twenty years. But the nice thing is she’s a nurse and can get samples of all sorts of diet pills, and the ones she’s chosen for this particular jaunt through Sunkencheekville make me feel like I’ve got ball bearings in my blood. Which is cool, although I must say that living on amphetamines isn’t as much fun as it was in college. But that’s okay; lately I need the energy more than I need the sleep I’m losing.

Rock on, Mike. Rock on.