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Friends and readers:

I’m not going to be updating this site for the foreseeable future. The main reason is that I’m blogging at another site, pseudonymously. Some of you probably know my “secret identity” already, or have at least guessed. (It’s one of the blogs in my ‘roll, on the right column of this page.) You might get a further hint from this video.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind, but I honestly can’t see having enough time or inspiration to blog in two places.

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you, meeting new folks, and being introduced to different points of view. I’ll leave you with one last Erté for the road.

Thanks for reading.


Erté, “Trapeze” from “At The Theatre” series.


Hello dear readers! I’m still alive, but my job and other projects are keeping me very busy. I’ll do my best to update soon.

In the meantime enjoy this series of Ertés representing the four seasons.












Old and new.

The old me.

The old me. Logo created by Mike Hendrix after J. Scott Campbell

Some of you may have noticed that about 3,000 posts went up rather quickly. That’s because with the help of my super-awesome co-editor Jas88, I managed to import the contents of my eponymous Movable Type blog which ran for a few years back in the early Noughties. (I hate that word: if someone has a better one, please advise.) It was unable to be found in, and I feared it lost in the mists of time until Jas performed his heroic rescue.

It was more news-oriented than it currently is, but retains a similar eclectic flavor.

If you decide to go rummaging through my past (and I can’t blame you if you do), there are a few things you’ll notice:

1. This literally just happened. There may be boo-boos, goofs, and screwups of varying orders of magnitude in the coding that I haven’t seen yet. All internal links to old blog posts will redirect you precisely nowhere, and I haven’t got the inclination to redirect them even if I had the knowledge and time. Which I do not.

2. The posts are all credited to me, but they were not all written by me.  I had between two and eight collaborators and co-authors on the old site, many of who had worldviews that differ to mine.  But since I only have two authors on this blog, I had to attribute them all to me. A lot of editing and culling and deleting will be going on, but I’m just starting a new (real, paying) job so it might take a while.

3.  My own worldview has changed as well. I was more conservative and less libertarian than I am now. Also I no longer live in New York City.

4. Lots of old news stories that seemed terribly important at the time but are now just relics. If you like one of these articles for some inexplicable reason, save it, because it will likely disappear over the next few months.

5. One of my co-authors was my ex-husband. You’ll see references (for a while) to our courtship and marriage, as well as my hyphenated name. (Of course, you won’t know which posts are his.)

6. Another of my co-authors is my current husband. No, questions about numbers 5 and 6 are not welcome.

7. For reasons known only to WordPress and Allah, the import wiped out some of the categories of the new 2013 entries, I’ll try to re-instate them to make searches a little easier.

8. If and when I find particularly funny, pithy and/or inspired postings from the early twenty-first century, I’ll be reposting them as new. Usual caveats: links may be outdated, etc.

In the meantime, some self-promotion: here are some nice things that people said about the old Sasha site.

“Combines high culture with a hot temper.”- Tim Blair
” A perpetual blogging party…the best ongoing linkfest on the Web.”- Ray Sawhill (fka Michael von Blowhard), 2 Blowhards/Uncouth Reflections
“Sasha is like a fresh, cool Catalan white wine, deliciously tart and flavorful.”- John Chappell, John & Antonio/ “Iberian Notes”
“Charming and vivacious.”- Colby Cosh,  Macleans
“Extremely endearing.”–Perry de Havilland,
“Effervescent”-Aaron Haspel, God Of The Machine
“Great spirit and joy.” – Stephen Green, Vodkapundit
“No relation”-Sasha Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy
“Caustic”-Jess Kilby, Portland Phoenix
“Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong BUT: sometimes capable of very sound advice. “-Roy Edroso,  The Village VoiceAlicublog

Melbloggers beware!

I’ll be visiting the marvelous city of Melbourne next week, from Tuesday the 11th to Sunday the 16th, to engage in an Iron Chef-like culinary duel to the death with “Tom Paine”. Okay, not to the death, but much fantastic food will be cooked, eaten and blogged.
Want to hang out? Drop me a line at sasha *at* coldfury “dot” com .


To my readers in Oz, hope you had a good one and are not suffering a screaming champagne headache like I am.
To my readers for whom it is still Xmas, what are you doing here? Go open your presents and kiss your families.
To my fellow contributors, thank you and much love.

Life is good

Bush re-elected, the Guardian unhappy, Arafat in intensive care, Theo van Gogh’s killers arrested, and I’m on my way to the land of the free. This will be my last posting for… well a few days anyway, since that International Dateline thingy still baffles me (I’m arriving in NYC five hours after I leave Sydney, even though the trip is nearly 24 hours long). I’ll try to blog from Rancho Castel. In the meantime, if you’d like to help New York’s retail economy by placing a token into the tip jar know that it will be deeply appreciated. And if you’re in town, drop me a line.
Ciao tutti!

Hold the outrage

On the right side of this page, I’ve added a button for If you’re a smoker, you can probably save quite a bit of cash on your butts by ordering through them. (Make sure it’s legal in your state first. I accept no responsibility, etc.) They also sell Zippos, papers, and other smoke-related stuff.
Before the self-righteous squeals start coming, let me be quite clear: If you don’t smoke, don’t start. But if you do, click on the link.

Today’s show

I won, incidentally. But it was close. Hence my long absence. Many apologies.
And in some truly excellent news, my NYC visit is now set officially for November 5-22. Want to meet, chat, dine, drink? Leave me a comment or Email.

Yes, I’m still alive

Sorry for the dearth of blog posts recently. I’ve recently gotten access to the ACT public library, and have been doing some reading of actual, you know, books. (I guess that’s one of the few advantages of living in a high-tax area like Canberra: they have a bloody good library system. They have a searchable online catalogue, and they will deliver books from any branch in the system to your local for easy pick-up.)
So, expect some more posts from me soon. I’ve got recipes, reviews and rants ready to go shortly.