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I can haz Negroni?


Little cat Kif sniffing around my cocktail fixins’.



Three very Australian advertisements.

For a laxative:


For Dick Smith, a chain of electronics stores:



And back by popular demand, for Bonds brand of undergarments:


On Being a Failed Evil Genius

I had a lot of time to think last evening, between driving the dog back into Raleigh for a vet visit, getting her shot full of fluids and antibiotics and anti-nausea drugs and sanitizing (in no particular order) the house, The Boy, the dog, the bathroom, the kennel, the carpet, and myself, and I came to a realization:
I will never be an evil genius.
I’m kinda bummed out by that. Evil geniuses tend to be provocative (in that “person you love to hate” way), and nowadays they also tend to be rich. It’s that second part that really bums me out, particularly since I’m suddenly in the mood to recarpet my home.
You may be wondering two things at this point: One, what is the definition of an evil genius, and two, why, BAW, oh why are you a failure at it? Let me answer those questions in order.

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Probably the best Ozblog bash I’ve yet attended. Among the topics of conversation:
AFL football
the outrageously high price of books in Australia
Malaysia and their ridiculous former prime minister
New York City rent control
more cricket
Condoleeza Rice and how unutterably cool she is
Family Guy
New Zealand’s very posh South gin (Morrow, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!)
asinine anti-smoking laws
asinine anti-war protesters
why the Australian Labor Party does not spell “Labor” with a U
yet more cricket
Brilliant all around. Good on the Irish Times for hosting us until about 1:30 in the morning (I must admit I was not watching the clock too closely). A fine pub in spite of the aforementioned bad hamburger.
And I am nominating Michael Jennings for sainthood. He knows why. Thank you very, very much Michael, and I hope you are in the middle of a weeklong nap right now.
Click below for pictures!

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The big bash

In case anybody hasn’t heard, there’s going to be a big blogger party in Melbourne this Saturday. It is rumored that there may be drinks and food. I’ll be there, and so will a lot of other cool people.
Be there or be trapezoidal.