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A good thing

You can already buy FREE MARTHA t-shirts. I especially like the one that says “No Justice, No Quiche”. (Found at Balko’s place)
Another way you can support Martha is by getting a copy of Entertaining, her standard-setting book on, well, entertaining. (My mother used this book as the bible of her catering business.) Unlike some later Martha, the recipes are fantastic.


Kermit the Frog

I’ve just seen Kermit the Frog on the Fox News Channel. I don’t know who’s doing the voice these days but he’s quite witty, really.
It was all about promoting the new DVD, which seems like it will need some promoting. I only buy DVD’s that were based on the books of JRR Tolkien.
This sort of stuff is actually good television to intersperce between stories about the US Senate debating for 39 hours straight and the latest from Iraq.
All serious, all day, makes Jack a dull viewer.

Public barred from the Public Gallery

Loud has been the uproar over the decision to bar the public from the Public Gallery in Parliament House during President Bush’s visit.
Whilst my mind is not made up on the issue, one must consider the security matters weighed against the curtailing of freedoms before automatically decrying the measure as another fall down the slippery slope towards a Police State.

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Jumping on the sexual abuse bandwagon

Let me start this off by saying that any form of abuse, particularly sexual abuse is totally abhorrent. The perpetrators of these offences are not only committing a crime against an individual but at society in general.
There is however another particularly nasty aspect to sexual abuse. The fact that anyone accused of such a crime is presumed guilty until proven innocent.
This is further exacerbated by the nature of these crimes usually being committed in places far from public view and possible witnesses. Where as a rape case can sometimes be very easily proved with physical and DNA evidence, other forms of sexual abuse such as those accused of Australian Swimming Coach Greg Hodge, are very hard to prove or disprove as the case may be.

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Bennett: throwing his money away

My absolute favorite response to the William Bennett gambling story comes from Stephen Pollard:
Seems Bill Bennett is taking stick for blowing millions at the casinos. He is being carpeted for making such a fundamental mistake with his money.
Quite right too. Casinos are terrible places. He should be at the track. And, as I am, be sitting pretty with Refuse to Bend (the 2/1 favourite) at 33/1 and Alamshar (3/1 second favourite) at 25/1 for the Derby.


You couldn’t possibly make this up

I expect there to be suitable and immediate outrage over this story:
[Robert] Byrd said he is eagerly awaiting the Feb. 21 premiere of the Civil War movie “Gods and Generals,” which will include his cameo as Confederate Gen. Paul J. Semmes.
That’s right, kittens, the venerable Senator is playing a CONFEDERATE GENERAL.
Disgraceful! Insensitive! Racist! Call Al Sharpton! Call Jesse Jackson!
What’s that, he’s a Democrat? Oh never mind then.