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From the wishful thinking department

Here’s a headline from Granma, Cuba’s official state press:
Killing of Kennedy may have derailed Cuba pact
I can’t see Jack Kennedy calling for normalizing relations with Cuba so shortly after the Misssile Crisis – at least not with Castro still alive.
Update: The original story appeared in the Guardian.


From the same folks who brought you Hugo Chavez

Kim Jong Il‘s “On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building” is now available in Spanish translation, thanks to the Communist Party of Venezuela.
Included in the pamphlet are “the historical lessons drawn from the collapse of the socialist ruling parties and the destruction of the socialist systems in some countries”.
I’m sure Hugo will be thrilled to hear it.
(Link via Enzo at the fab Italian-language blog, 1972.)

Cheap and easy

Buenos Aires, that is. (What did you think I meant? Tsk, tsk.) One of my all-time favorite cities, with some of the best shopping and dining in the world (Just behind New York, and just ahead of Santa Fe, NM). And now that their economy is in the dumper, you can, as Mark Mazzetti tells in Slate, enjoy a dinner of cow and fermented grape for $15.