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The Wrong Dead People At The Wrong Inauguration At The Wrong Time

If I were in charge of ABC’s news division, I wouldn’t report on a funeral of a killed soldier on the same day of Bush’s inauguration. Assuming that the official tally from Washington state’s gubernatorial election stands, I would send film crews to cemeteries to get live footage of the tombstones of people who voted for Christine Gregoire as she is sworn in.

What’s In A Name?

I was just reading a Vodkapundit post about the Department of Homeland Security, and noticed that Steve abbreviates that agency’s name as DoHS and not DHS. Isn’t that the plural of D’oh?

The Recount of Monty’s Crisco

Keep it on the down low, but there are a bunch of court cases working through the system, attempting to overturn the recent presidential election.
I recently blogged about one spur to litigation, Bev Harris of Black Box I’m not gracing her site with another link.
Anyhow, I got a nice comment from an Elizabeth person, who was kind enough to stop by and tell me it’s about counting every vote.
Hmmm… Well, it is and it isn’t, I think. It’s about the system. The voting system is a bit like exercise. You miss a day in the gym, go back the next day, and don’t sweat it. Maybe you need to work a bit harder. But you don’t burn down the gym, or quit going because you had a screwup.
Elizabeth disagrees. Below is my answer, explaining why I have a major, massive, hemorraging, screaming problem with the present drive to “count every vote.”

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Liars, Damned Liars, and the Left

Okay, book mark this post, and refer to it frequently for the next four years. Here’s the talking point for the Dems, coming straight from the Horse’s um, mouth, over at Daily Kos, the left wing blog that is paid to produce left wing, um, communications.

Marching order #1, therefore, is this: No matter whom you talk to outside our circles, begin to perpetuate the (false, exaggerated) notion that George Bush’s victory was built not merely on values issues, but gay marriage specifically. If you feel a need to broaden it slightly, try depicting the GOP as a majority party synonymous with gay-haters, warmongers and country-clubbers.

[Hat tip to he who needs no hits].
Well, there you have it. Keep in mind, this is a paid for Democrat blog – this ain’t free lance, folks; if it isn’t an actual talking point going out on the email, then it’s what the Dems’ mucky-mucks are actually talking about doing. Of course being Kos, this reference will change as soon as it is noted that the right has noticed what the talking points are. So you may want to save a copy. I will.
By the way, what’s the effective response to this little hate campaign, and how do we keep from letting them define us this way? Easy.

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Proud to be Wrong

Never have I been so proud, and so happy, to be so wrong. I’m referring to my election predictions, and my prediction Kerry was about to litigate out the election results.
I can’t tell you how happy I am to be completely wrong, and how much good will Senator Kerry has built up in my mind, by both conceding graciously, and stating the reason for it (“it was numerically impossible for us to win.”)

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A helpful suggestion

From “Seabiscuit” at Democratic Underground (scroll down to post #74):
If Osama Bin Laden/any al queada group wants to punish Americans, they should attack only in the “red” states. I hate to wish this on anyone, but if America is going to be attacked, they should at least, as a matter of fairness, attack the people in the states who were jackass enough to hand their electoral votes to Shrub.
Osama is grateful for your advice, I’m sure.