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Haven’t we couch potatoes instinctively known this for a long time?
Scientists in Germany have found that too much exercise is bad for you and that doing less could lengthen your life.
The good professor’s book is called The Joy of Laziness, a book for me if there ever was one. I look forward to it eagerly, since I do nothing more strenuous than breathing exercises, walks, and the Five Tibetans.
Take that, gym-bunnies!


Best, worst and obvious

Townhall is usually an excellent link resource, except they still publish Pat Buchanan, Jude Wanniski, and Paul Craig Roberts. Today we’ve got the best of Townhall (the irreplaceable Thomas Sowell, exposing the Left’s hijacking of language), and the worst of it (kulturgrump Brent Bozell, who must have taken a few extra Pious Outrage pills before penning this load about How Our Airwaves Have Become Sewers.)
And is it even worth directing you to the newest Mark Steyn column on Kerry? I’d hate to think you’re not clicking on either before or shortly after your daily dose of SC.
If the truth hurts, then John Kerry is going to need some OxyContin, stat.

More goodies from Slate

Another great week at Slate magazine, which gives us:
* Jim Holt’s article explaining one of the several controversial theories of intelligent design :
In the early 1980s, the then-thirtysomething Linde came up with a novel theory of the Big Bang that answered three vexing questions: What banged? Why did it bang? And what was going on before it banged? Linde’s theory, called “chaotic inflation,” explained the shape of space and how galaxies were formed. It also predicted the exact pattern of background radiation from the Big Bang that was observed by the COBE satellite in the 1990s. […]
Among the many curious implications of Linde’s theory, one stands out for our present purposes: It doesn’t take all that much to create a universe. Resources on a cosmic scale are not required. It might even be possible for someone in a not terribly advanced civilization to cook up a new universe in a laboratory. Which leads to an arresting thought: Could that be how our universe came into being?

* To go with their popular “Bushisms” feature, Slate”s William Saletan has added “Kerryisms”. ‘Bout time.
* Dahlia Lithwick’s excellent rebuttal of the “slippery slope” argument against gay marriage, that if we allow to people in love to commit to each other legally, it’s just a hop, skip and jump away from letting an old woman marry her five cats. Or something.
*A review of Colonial House by Dennis Cass. I never saw CH’s progenitor, Frontier House, but I did see a couple of episodes of 1900 House. I am curious about how far back they can go with this concept. Medieval House? Roman House? Neanderthal House?
*The new realities of upscale mall food. You think Bennigan’s and Mr Chow’s? I’m talking Ducasse, Vongerichten and Bouley.

Right & wrong & gay & straight

Very thought-provoking article by Tammy Bruce which makes some devastating points, with questions for the liberals who heedlessly support SF mayor Gavin Newsom:

On one hand you have the reckless law-breaking behavior of San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom bestowing marriage licenses on gay couples. A few of my gay friends have voiced their support for this. I reminded these friends, who are also pro-choice, that Fresno, California has a pro-life mayor. How would they feel if that mayor decided to ignore the law and keep women from accessing their legal abortion rights?

and a gentle rebuke to Andrew Sullivan:
Gays ultimately need to stop looking to government for unconditional love and approval of who we are. Andrew Sullivan, a political commentator and writer many of you know and respect, wrote a piece for Time magazine where he actually equated governmental recognition of gay marriage as a necessary element to all gay people feeling accepted and wanted. He claimed that anything other than marriage will “build a wall between gay people and their own families.”
While his story was personal and moving, the argument was, frankly, nonsense, and representative of the general mentality among the gay elite. It also gives the government and other people’s opinions far too much power over the quality of our lives and effectively eliminates our own responsibility for our happiness.

Frankly, that’s the wisest thing I’ve heard about the whole gay-marraige debate in six months of blather by both sides. If nothing else, it should give libertarians some true pause; to beg for self- realization and completeness from the same government that gives us the Department of Agriculture and the IRS?

The sad and strange story of Spalding Gray

Alex Williams‘ fascinating and terrifying article tells the story of the last few months of actor and monologist Gray, who suffered terrible pain and depression after a nearly fatal car wreck in Ireland. After several unsuccessful suicide attempts, Gray disappeared earlier this month and hasn’t been seen since.
I saw Gray’s Anatomy on stage at Lincoln Center Theater several years ago, and the monologue was the closest thing to stand-up Gray had ever done: intimate, wry, confessional, and taking just enough piss out of himself and the various alternative and traditional healers he visited to cure himself of an eye ailment. (Stephen Soderbergh’s 1996 film doesn’t really capture it, and you can definitely fast-forward through the squirm-inducing scenes of average Joes and Janes recounting their various eye traumas.)
I hope that Gray is found alive, and that he and his family can find some peace.

MoDo’s off her meds again

Nice little line in Maureen Dowd’s latest sack of incomprehensibility masquerading as an op-ed:
Can you believe President Bush is still pushing the cockamamie claim that we went to war in Iraq with a real coalition rather than a gaggle of poodles and lackeys?
All that’s missing is MoDo saying they “missed a good opportunity to keep quiet”.
A better question: I wonder how Australia, Great Britain and the rest of the coalition feel about being called “poodles and lackeys”. They would probably, and correctly, tell Maureen to shove it up her prissy liberal backside.
Who’s being the arrogant American now?