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Kosher makeup.

Classic Sasha, from May 2003.

A few days ago my web-wanderings brought me to Kosherline, a website which, as the name implies, sells supplies to observant Jews to aid in keeping the Shabbat. Most of what I saw I expected, but there was one section which truly intrigued me, being a true-blue makeup buff: kosher cosmetics.
Now I’d heard of kosher lipstick because of the possibility of ingestion, but I honestly never knew that blush, foundation, eyeshadow et. al. needed to be kosher. Not only that, but there are even Halachic guidelines for makeup. Here they are, reprinted from the Kosherline website, as per Rabbi Abraham Blumenkranz:
All cosmetics used on Shabbat must be powder, so use the back of the brush to break them up into fine powder. (See #2 below)
1. Face must be dry and clean from any other makeup. Spray moisturizer spray and allow to dry.
2. When using the powder, turn the container over and use the loose powder from the cap. The powder may not be picked up with the brush from above the cake.
3. You must use a separate brush for every color so you are not blending two colors. No sponges, applicators or fingers may be used. OUR BRUSHES ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ENABLE THE BEST RESULTS.
4. You cannot blend two colors together to create a new shade.
5. You cannot use one product over another. Use the blush first and then the broken powder foundation around it.
6. You can reapply the same color with its own brush as often as you like. Spray moisturizer sprays again to moisten and set.
7. You can remove makeup with makeup remover or wash your face with the diluted cleanser only (without cotton or pre-soaked pads). Rinse off with water, dry with a paper towel, and then with a towel.

Who knew?