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Canada Toxic, Eh

Want to guess who is doing more to stop pollution, the US or Canada?
Canada Not Doing Enough to Curb Toxic Admissions
The annual Taking Stock report, drawn from submissions by more than 20,000 polluters in the United States and Canada, shows that Canada is lagging the United States in curbing toxic pollution. Although total North American emissions declined by 18 per cent from 1998 to 2001, Canadian emissions rose three per cent.
Strangely enough I was not surprised at the results of the study. I used to know people in Los Angel’s Air Quality Management, and they were very on top of the emissions of companies in the LA area. They made them toe the line pretty hard and lots of new equipment was required to pass inspection under the Federal rules. As a result LA’s air quality has improved, although it is still not as clean as it could be. Nice to see that the rest of the country is also lowering pollution.

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Indy Newfie?

Few believe it’s a political movement that will lead to significant change, but separatism is enjoying a resurgence in Newfoundland and Labrador. A royal commission on the province’s future within Canada has helped feed that sentiment. The commission has handed its report to the provincial government and it’s due to be made public on Wednesday. In the meantime, Dave Hopley of St. John’s, has been selling about 200 of his ‘Free Nfld.’ T-shirts each month. ‘It’s a popular sentiment these days,’ he says.”
Via: Rational Review