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Friends and readers:

I’m not going to be updating this site for the foreseeable future. The main reason is that I’m blogging at another site, pseudonymously. Some of you probably know my “secret identity” already, or have at least guessed. (It’s one of the blogs in my ‘roll, on the right column of this page.) You might get a further hint from this video.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind, but I honestly can’t see having enough time or inspiration to blog in two places.

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you, meeting new folks, and being introduced to different points of view. I’ll leave you with one last Erté for the road.

Thanks for reading.


Erté, “Trapeze” from “At The Theatre” series.



Some of the best recipes of the old blog, linked for your convenience.

New York-style soft pretzels. For when I get homesick.

Pita bread.  Shockingly easy.

Chocolate cookies.

A chocolate thing that is not really brownies, not cheesecake either, but it’s awesome and impresses people to no end.

Bread for the time deprived.

Pasta with four cheeses. Fattening and delicious in the extreme.

Another simple-but-impressive breadstuff:  Foccacia.

Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá, one of my dad’s signature recipes.

If chicken paprikash married mole poblano and had a baby, this might result.

Latkes, also known as potato pancakes.

Meringue mushrooms. For when you want to get fancy.

Random Antipodean Notes.

Classic Sasha: Three posts from 2004 condensed into one. I’d just arrived in Australia and still had a very North American point of view on things.  Funny, some of the things I commented on way back that I hardly notice anymore.

*Australia Post does not deliver on Saturdays. This is sacreligious and uncivilized. Also, one can’t leave outgoing mail in the mailbox for the “postie” to pick up as he drops off your mail. One must actually schlep to the post office, every time.
*Today I went looking for tortillas in the supermarket. They were in the “Asian Foods” section. Sigh.
*I do not and have never had an uncle named Bob. Why does everyone keep insisting that I do?
*People here laugh at me when I use the word “soda” to describe a sweet fizzy drink, “candy” to describe solid sweets, and “ketchup” for the red stuff you put on hamburgers. It’s Coke, lollies and tomato sauce.
*Much like the thought of Vegemite toast makes me cringe, the mention of that American childhood staple, the peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich, seems to turn most Aussie stomachs. Understandable at first when I realized that “jelly” is actually the American “Jello”, but even a peanut-butter-and-jam-sandwich seems to disgust. I’m not sure why this is so.
*Kingsley’s Chicken beats KFC like a cheap carpet.
* A bagel is not a bagel the world ’round. Went to a very nice bagel shop in Dickson, where I was served a delightful roast beef sandwich on a poppyseed bagel. The alleged bagel was a soft deli-style roll with poppyseeds on top, lacking the chewiness and doughiness of a real NYC-style bagel. Very fresh and tasty, but alas, not a bagel.
*I have absolutely no idea what is happening during Australian Rules Football, but I really, really like their uniforms: short-shorts and tank tops.
*If you ask for the “bathroom”, expect to be shown to, quite literally, a room with a bath. Toilets are separate. Not terribly helpful when relieving oneself is the goal.

Old and new.

The old me.

The old me. Logo created by Mike Hendrix after J. Scott Campbell

Some of you may have noticed that about 3,000 posts went up rather quickly. That’s because with the help of my super-awesome co-editor Jas88, I managed to import the contents of my eponymous Movable Type blog which ran for a few years back in the early Noughties. (I hate that word: if someone has a better one, please advise.) It was unable to be found in, and I feared it lost in the mists of time until Jas performed his heroic rescue.

It was more news-oriented than it currently is, but retains a similar eclectic flavor.

If you decide to go rummaging through my past (and I can’t blame you if you do), there are a few things you’ll notice:

1. This literally just happened. There may be boo-boos, goofs, and screwups of varying orders of magnitude in the coding that I haven’t seen yet. All internal links to old blog posts will redirect you precisely nowhere, and I haven’t got the inclination to redirect them even if I had the knowledge and time. Which I do not.

2. The posts are all credited to me, but they were not all written by me.  I had between two and eight collaborators and co-authors on the old site, many of who had worldviews that differ to mine.  But since I only have two authors on this blog, I had to attribute them all to me. A lot of editing and culling and deleting will be going on, but I’m just starting a new (real, paying) job so it might take a while.

3.  My own worldview has changed as well. I was more conservative and less libertarian than I am now. Also I no longer live in New York City.

4. Lots of old news stories that seemed terribly important at the time but are now just relics. If you like one of these articles for some inexplicable reason, save it, because it will likely disappear over the next few months.

5. One of my co-authors was my ex-husband. You’ll see references (for a while) to our courtship and marriage, as well as my hyphenated name. (Of course, you won’t know which posts are his.)

6. Another of my co-authors is my current husband. No, questions about numbers 5 and 6 are not welcome.

7. For reasons known only to WordPress and Allah, the import wiped out some of the categories of the new 2013 entries, I’ll try to re-instate them to make searches a little easier.

8. If and when I find particularly funny, pithy and/or inspired postings from the early twenty-first century, I’ll be reposting them as new. Usual caveats: links may be outdated, etc.

In the meantime, some self-promotion: here are some nice things that people said about the old Sasha site.

“Combines high culture with a hot temper.”- Tim Blair
” A perpetual blogging party…the best ongoing linkfest on the Web.”- Ray Sawhill (fka Michael von Blowhard), 2 Blowhards/Uncouth Reflections
“Sasha is like a fresh, cool Catalan white wine, deliciously tart and flavorful.”- John Chappell, John & Antonio/ “Iberian Notes”
“Charming and vivacious.”- Colby Cosh,  Macleans
“Extremely endearing.”–Perry de Havilland,
“Effervescent”-Aaron Haspel, God Of The Machine
“Great spirit and joy.” – Stephen Green, Vodkapundit
“No relation”-Sasha Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy
“Caustic”-Jess Kilby, Portland Phoenix
“Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong BUT: sometimes capable of very sound advice. “-Roy Edroso,  The Village VoiceAlicublog

Travel misery

I’m back. I’ve got a cold. I can state categorically that NoJetLag is worthless crap. My skeleton is still achy from 20 hours cramped into an aluminum can with no legroom. Or armroom, backroom or shoulderroom, for that matter.
There’s my rant. Nice to be back. Blogging to resume shortly.

One last thing

Before I go and drown my sorrows in teriyaki-flavored rice crackers and Toohey’s Old Ale, I must rally three cheers for Nico, who had a successful cataract operation yesterday. Glad you’re well Dad, and can’t wait to see you in two short weeks.

Worth hunting down

I’ve updated the “Things I Like” section on the right side of this page with new goodies. A book that appears to be out of print but is worth tracking down is Time by Alexander Waugh (son of Auberon, grandson of Evelyn). Absolutely entertaining, as you’d expect, and full of fascinating information. Waugh’s Opera: A New Way Of Listening is another good’un, perfect for opera novices (it contains a CD of extracts).