Something Hot.

For my fellow blogger Erudite Knight, who requested a blog post about sex, and specified to “make it something hot”:

I’m not able at the moment to whip up something truly original, but I can direct you to some hot stuff elsewhere.

Gamahuching, for old-time sexiness. Raunchy as all hell.

The Dirty Stuff, sporadically updated blog with miscellaneous sex pictures, stories, and video clips.

This post about Tarzan from Uncouth Reflections.

The Dirty Nurse, a Tumblr site full of extremely sexy (and needless to say, VNSFW) pictures and GIFs. Pretty much every permutation of sex is represented here, from m/f to f/f to m/m to groups to…well, just visit and you’ll understand.

You do already visit Literotica, right? If not, why not?



  1. Erudite Knight

    Damn Sasha I am trying to reset my sex drive here! I looked at that nurses one, realized what it was and was like ‘damn it, resist and move on.’
    I was most curious about you used to be a ‘coutesan’ right? What was that like, did you ever hate the guys you were having sex with? Even if you thought the guy was ugly/didnt like could you still get off? What was the hottest thing you ever did.

    • Sasha

      No, I was never a courtesan. I was a mistress, but never a long-term pro.

      Why don’t you like The Dirty Nurse? That’s pretty much the sexiest thing I can think of.

      • Tarnished

        Hey there, Sasha!
        I’ve been to that site before (in fact, I’ve visited every one of them other than that post about Tarzan…lol, I even have Literotica as one of my bookmarks.)

        I think there was another “sexy stories” site out there…Kirsten Archives? I seem to recall that some of the tales there were weird/extreme, but they also had some incredibly hot stuff.

        Do you know what EK means about resetting his sex drive? I’d ask him, but unfortunately we had a falling out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        How long were you a mistress for? I don’t think I knew that about you. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I hope you are doing well, and that you and your husband are happy and healthy. My own job is keeping me hopping…I’ve worked 57 hours for the last 3 weeks, and that’s not even including the 45min drive to AND from that store. *sigh* At least it’s only til April, and then I can focus on opening my own.

        Ok, I’ve thrown enough at you. Talk to you later! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tarnished

      I don’t know if you’ll respond to or acknowledge this, EK…I won’t be upset if you don’t…but knowing your tastes, I’d recommend visiting the site and/or Facebook page of Cosplay Deviants. A good number of Asian ladies, vast majority are the skinny type you seem to like, and they are in anime/superhero outfits…in various states of undress. My FwB and I really enjoy looking at what they have to offer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tarnished

    Hey Sasha…you should come check out my most recent post. The comments are getting spicy, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and will definitely respond to your other thing tonight. Time, time, who’s got the time?

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