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Something Hot.

For my fellow blogger Erudite Knight, who requested a blog post about sex, and specified to “make it something hot”:

I’m not able at the moment to whip up something truly original, but I can direct you to some hot stuff elsewhere.

Gamahuching, for old-time sexiness. Raunchy as all hell.

The Dirty Stuff, sporadically updated blog with miscellaneous sex pictures, stories, and video clips.

This post about Tarzan from Uncouth Reflections.

The Dirty Nurse, a Tumblr site full of extremely sexy (and needless to say, VNSFW) pictures and GIFs. Pretty much every permutation of sex is represented here, from m/f to f/f to m/m to groups to…well, just visit and you’ll understand.

You do already visit Literotica, right? If not, why not?


Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Imagine for a moment that you’re the world’s foremost operatic dramatic baritone. You’ve done Rigoletto, you’ve done Germont père, you’ve done Conte di Luna to critical and popular acclaim the world over. What might you think would be next on your artistic agenda?

1) Become a tenor, in the manner of Plácido Domingo but backwards.

2) Conduct.

3) Direct.

4) Star in a sadomasochistic fetish video, not unlike certain Duran Duran music videos from the 1980s.

If 4 was not even on your radar, this may, um, surprise you.

NSFW in the extreme.

Via Schleppy Nabucco’s.