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Don’t cry for me. No really, DON’T.

Who’s weeping over Yasser Arafat’s poor health?
The BBC, for starters:
[W]hen the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry… without warning.
The rest of the report is just as vomituously biased. I salute you if you can read it without gagging.
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The Palestinian Intifada is Over?

In the West Bank city of Tul Karm, everyone from Yasser Arafat’s governor to the remnants of the Al-Aqsa Brigades says the Palestinian uprising is as good as over
That is a rather amazing statement. It certainly is not what the major news outlets spew out day after day, lauding the “militants” who blow up Israeli women and children.
So, let us go see why the end is near for the uprising. I doubt the U.N. is going to be getting the credit.

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Honor Killing Survivor

Read, if you dare, this horrifying account of a woman burned alive by her Palestinian Muslim family.
Almost more frightening is “Souad”‘s description of her mother’s casually gruesome misogyny:
My mother had 14 children, but only five survived. One day I learned why. I must have been less than 10; Noura, my elder sister, was with me. We came back from the fields, and found my mother lying on the floor on a sheepskin. She was giving birth, and my aunt, Salima, was with her. There were cries from my mother and then from the baby. Very quickly my mother took the sheepskin and smothered the baby. I saw the baby move once, and then it was over. She was a girl. I saw my mother do it this first time, then a second time. I’m not sure I was present for the third, but I knew about it. And I heard Noura say to her: “If I have girls, I’ll do what you have done.”
That was how my mother got rid of the seven daughters she had after Hanan, the last survivor. From then on I hid and cried every time my father killed a sheep or a chicken.

People who still perform honor killings and ritual infanticide for girls should have their own state? I think not.

Anatomy of a scam

Joel Mowbray on the irony of the European Union reducing their yearly $120 million paycheck to the Palestinian Authority because… their accounting isn’t up to snuff. Not because they’re blowing up innocent civilians or anything like that.
I’ve wondered in the past how it is that nobody has yet caught on to Arafat’s little scam. Here’s how I see it:
1. The PA gets their $10 million bucks a month from the EU.
2. Arafat takes most of that to increase his personal fortune of over a billion dollars.
3. Arafat and his cronies point to the squalor and poverty of the refugee camps, and blame Israel.
Nobody asks questions. It’s foolproof!

244 Killed on Hadj in Mecca

I noticed that 244 devout Muslims were killed in a stampede while on Hadj.
I suppose we would have seen coverage of Americans dancing in the streets, firing rifles into the air, handing out candy and shouting “death to the Muslims” — except that Jews control the media, as everybody knows. So we didn’t get any television coverage.
It’s not clear at this time, whether the ire of the American man in the street was caused by Muslim hegemony over world oil supplies; over a lack of hope brought about by the dismal tyranny of the Bush regime; or the Saudis’ failure to build health care clinics in Pocatello, Idaho, as the alleged militant Tommy Thompson has done.
One thing is for sure: the CIA probably caused it. We know they sent secret messages to all the Texans on the Hadj, so that none of them were killed. We know this because no Texans were among the dead, and because a grad student in Brazil told us so.

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What to do with Sodam Insane?

There are three things we realistically can do with Saddam:
1. Bring him over to Gitmo and try him in America
2. Hand him over to an international tribunal-The Hague
3. Have an Iraqi tribunal try him (this is what they are apparently leaning towards, I believe)
I think, however, that these things are too good for him. What I want you guys to do is come up with creative ways to punish him. For example: I remember people in Iraq smacking his pictures with their shoes back when we smahsed his army. What we do is being him into a stadium and let people come up to him and smack him and generally humiliate him.
Another interesting idea is to let an unfortunate accident happen where our security “accidentally fails” and an enraged Iraqi kills him. Or, he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head three times ;). Any suggestions?