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So the Clinton-era DOD worked on developing a non-lethal weapon comprised of pheromones, that would result in “widespread homosexual behavior“? Crikey. I bet that would crank up the motivation to find a real solution to “friendly fire” incidents. And what happened to Stephanopolous and Begala… were they collateral damage following a visit to Aberdeen Proving Ground or something? Of course it sure would explain the Reno/Shalala axis… Non-lethal, my ass. What about AIDS? And would it only serve to improve the effectiveness of units known to indulge in that behavior already? They also apparently worked on weapons that would cause severe and lasting halitosis (Major Sean… now the Massachusetts tie-in makes sense… I never knew you were stationed at Natick…) and another weapon that would make people pale, with skin unbearably sensitive to sunlight. Evidently, they were drawing on a weapon the medieval French whacked the British with, repeatedly…
So, Insty notes that Zephyr Teachout says the Dean campaign paid Kos to get him in bed, and keep him in bed with the Dean campaign. Meanwhile, Kos says he was working as a paid consultant – that’s what the money was for. It had nothing to do with getting him on Dean’s side…
You know, if Dr. Johnson were alive today, he’d probably have something pithy to say about the nature of prostitutes here, along the lines of “The prostitute insists she’s only paid to keep company, and that coital act is optional; while her client insists just the opposite, and neither assertion alters the fundamental nature of the transaction.
Oh well. I’m just going to call Kos “Armstrong Mousakka” from now on.

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I haven’t posted in a while, due to family obligations, some amazingly nasty stomach bug, a bourbon induced holiday torpor, and other reasons. So to make up for it, here’s some tasty linkage, to kill yet more of your time.
Anybody who knows me knows I’m all about power tools, especially big or dangerous ones. The Manlier, the better. Well, nothing is better than a comet-busting rocket powered satellite Smashomatic. Power tools – fuck yeah! And while you’re at it, check out this entry from December. It’s maybe the only thing I’ve ever written worth looking at twice.

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Odds & Sods. Again.

Lotsa interesting things in the news.
How ’bout this one? Turns out, the folks in Sand Country – particularly the folks most subject to oppression – would vote Bush if given the choice. What makes this interesting is the correspondent appears to speak from a left-liberal standpoint – he talks about the Dem platform as being in favor of scientific progress. I sort of laughed about this – the premise of this guy’s world view is that the Repellicans only like technology when it can be used to fuel the Halliburton WarKill 3000 Machine that grinds up the brown peoples of the world (mainly women and chirrets, of course) into eco-safe fire logs for wealthy donors to burn at the Yuletide… Interesting article. It gives me some hope that in spite of the tribal cultural problems of the Middle East, perhaps there is some accomodation we can reach with much of the Islamic world. Articles like this and op-eds like this Krauthammer joint give me a wee bit of hope.

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Tuesday’s Gone

I’ve been doing some woodworking lately – building a nice buffet out of quarter sawn white oak. I was going to give it to a friend, who had admired a similar buffet I built out of pine – but the friend has sort of gone nutso, had a big falling out with our other friends, and sorta shacked up with this kinda-not-yet-divorced-dude-but-oh-he’s-wicked-nice…
So she’s not getting this new oak one. She’s getting Buffet 1.0, the pine version. I’ve got my reasons, not least of which is that when she and Mr. Kinda- break up, I’ll be damned if that hound makes off with this thing I’ve poured a lot of time and thought into. I have other reasons too, that are more compelling.
When you work a piece of wood, you risk falling in love with it.

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I’mmmm baaaacckkkk…

I’m back from two weeks total immersion therapy in British culture, having spent that time in the arms of my relatives-in-law. They are delightful folks, and I’ve returned to the land of BushHitler (“America is worse than any Orwellian nightmare” according to yesterday’s Observer) filled with delightful observations. I’m going to break down the comments into separate posts, for your viewing pleasure. After all, Sasha floods the zone when she returns from a trip, and although I’m just a guest on this blog that she runs… well, as my in-laws could tell you, I’m a shitty, rude, messy guest and I tend to sprawl a bit. So…
First of all, Europe is all of a sudden taking terrorism seriously, and after the minstrelsy of the Republican Convention, is rather silent about Bush’s having started World War IV approximately 5 years ahead of schedule. Yes, that’s right, the slaughter in Beslan is dominating the news, and people who hated Bush yesterday are talking war on terra. That won’t last, however; the European public is more fickle than the average Los Angeles sports fan.
Meanwhile… the thing that most struck me about Beslan is that it’s one more example of our inability in the west to admit we are at war with a religion, that sect of conservative Islam that demands adherence or death.
What set me off on this is that the greasy corpulent guy who says Columbine was the product of a corrupt and greedy American culture and the gun lobby, also seems to think that the guys who did this slaughter in Beslan – Islamic “militants” are minutemen and patriots.
Well, what are they Mikey? Horrid baby killers, or men to be admired? We’ll await your answer.
Just between thee and I, methinks I will take greed and corruption over that patriotic purity of those minutemen. As for the European reaction… well, they’ve been sold the damndest bill of goods for so long on the rationale of “it’s for the chillllll-dren” that they are now starting to believe that “for the children” justifies damn near any governmental action. Yep, it’s a continent of Marian Wright Edelmans, basically. So the terra-wrists had better watch out. The EU bureaucrats will be all over their collective ass after this one. Wierd place, Europe. They’ll believe just about anything.
Mikey is unmitigatedly correct about one thing: American culture produces some greedy, morally blind, subhuman slime monsters who seek nothing but money, power, and ego gratification. Proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day, here is exhibit #1. As the first of the infants slaughtered at Beslan by those minutemen, those patriots reacting to U.S. evil, are slipped into tiny child graves in tiny child coffins, here’s Mikey explaining why his film “Fahrenheit 9/11” is so influential, that it must compete for a Best Picture Oscar, rather than Best Documentary.
While there may be a special place in hell reserved for evil men, I’m thinking it doesn’t compare to the place reserved for those who shill for them. Mikey isn’t even remotely on our side any more folks. In a more honest and self-aware time, he would have been hanged.

Bits, Pieces

I’m not recommend anybody commit any violence here, but in a perfect world where we all get what we deserve, Ted Rall would be awakened each morning by a 13th Century Turkish Jannisary, who would then proceed to hit Mr. Rall very hard right in the testicles with an enormous iron pike.
Isn’t that a cracking good start to a blog entry?
I realize that the U.S. is pulling out of Germany, and that already effeminate (yet strangely crude) culture is probably feeling a bit castrated and cut off, now that its big brother isn’t there to snarl at the surly Russkis and sullen French.
But really, isn’t this just a trifle premature? I mean, couldn’t you have at least waited until we were out the door, Mary?
Here’s Insty hammering on Tom Harkin’s wildly exaggerated VietNam era exploits. Hint: He was a highly paid taxi driver. In the last week, I’ve realized that if I want to become a congressman, I need to turn Dem, and then wildly exaggerate my military record, while projecting a pacifist vibe and killing small animals. Of course I’ll risk running against SGT Slaughter in the primaries (who has a similar service record to John Kerry’s, except he beat up on Iranians), but hey, no plan is perfect.
Al Franken who?
Just testing.
So, Bush decides to bring the troops home from Germany and South Korea, and naturally, Kerry has to be stoutly opposed to it. Hmmm… gotta wonder why.

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