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Crime and Punishment

A small crime, a small punishment. Yet Justice is done, and seen to be done.


Martha Stewart Goes to the Big House

Martha Stewart just got 5 months in the slam.
I bet she has the best looking cell within 5 hours of being locked up.
She will appeal, but since this was a rather light sentence, and I can’t see an Error Of Law, she will lose on appeal.
I’m sure they stopped trading on her stock. I bet it takes a huge nose dive when they re-list it.
I wonder if she can start over when she gets out, or if her reputation is permanently destroyed?

Japan is holding former World Chess Champion, Bobby Fisher, after he tried to leave that country with an invalid US passport.
Fischer, 61, was detained at Narita Airport outside Tokyo while trying to board a Japan Airlines flight for the Philippines on Tuesday, according to friends and airport officials. The U.S. Embassy confirmed Fischer was detained.
Hey, we can’t catch Islamo terrorists, but we can nab guys who are packing rooks!

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Private Property Becomes Goverment Property

A government land grab is going on in the state of Washington, promoted by King County Executive Ron Sims. Mr. Sims, who is currently running for governor, seems to think that the 5th Amendment does not apply to private land ownership.
Private Property May Become Preserved
Residents of King County, Wash., will only be able to build on 10 percent of their land, according to a new law being considered by the county government, which, if enacted, will be the most restrictive land use law in the nation. Known as the 65-10 Rule it calls for landowners to set aside 65 percent of their property and keep it in its natural, vegetative state.
The only vegetative state I see is the one Mr. Sims is in, since he can’t see that this law violates the principles of the 5th Amendment. Just because it is an election year doesn’t mean we just toss out 200 years of legal precedent and history.

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The New “Term of Endearment”, Modern Usage

I think I may have to say the S-word, sorry, to President Hoffman.
I found a use of the C-word in modern times, as a possible endearment.
At an AFI dinner honoring Meryl Streep Jack Nicholson got up to give a brief tribute to her.
Nicholson, said he had asked Kramer star Dustin Hoffman about working with Streep.
“Dustin said Meryl is a c–t,” Nicholson blurted before a shocked (even by Hollywood standards) audience.
On second thought Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson are just A-holes. You are still on the hook madam.

The New ‘Term Of Endearment’