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Hold the outrage

On the right side of this page, I’ve added a button for If you’re a smoker, you can probably save quite a bit of cash on your butts by ordering through them. (Make sure it’s legal in your state first. I accept no responsibility, etc.) They also sell Zippos, papers, and other smoke-related stuff.
Before the self-righteous squeals start coming, let me be quite clear: If you don’t smoke, don’t start. But if you do, click on the link.


Today’s show

I won, incidentally. But it was close. Hence my long absence. Many apologies.
And in some truly excellent news, my NYC visit is now set officially for November 5-22. Want to meet, chat, dine, drink? Leave me a comment or Email.

Yes, I’m still alive

Sorry for the dearth of blog posts recently. I’ve recently gotten access to the ACT public library, and have been doing some reading of actual, you know, books. (I guess that’s one of the few advantages of living in a high-tax area like Canberra: they have a bloody good library system. They have a searchable online catalogue, and they will deliver books from any branch in the system to your local for easy pick-up.)
So, expect some more posts from me soon. I’ve got recipes, reviews and rants ready to go shortly.

A new look

Our Web god Mike has created a new Art Deco-inspired look for us. Pretty spiffy, dontcha think? Thanks, dearest Mike, for the beautiful work.
And yes, I am back, freshly visa-ed once again, with a sprained ankle for my troubles (fell off a ladder…don’t ask). Auckland is cold this time of year. And my Lan Chile flight, to my slight surprise, went off without a single hitch. Departed and arrived on time, had the seat-back video on-demand, and friendly bilingual staff. Highly recommended, should you ever need to make the Sydney-Auckland run and don’t wish to patronize Emirates or Qantas.

Hi ho Sasha, away!

I’ll be away from home until late Monday night, on another trans-Tasman visa-renewal jaunt. Anyone in Auckland wanting to buy me food, gifts, or intoxicating substances is welcome to leave a comment or write me at sasha-at-coldfury-dot-com. Sydneysiders, I’ll be visiting your fair ville tonight and Monday, so if you want to hook up just write, or better yet leave a comment.
Be good everyone, and take care of the place until I get back. Who knows, I may even post something from abroad.

Help! I’m trapped

Blogging from me will resume shortly, or as soon as my ISP deigns to let me connect to their service for more than 60 seconds. The rest of the SC cabal will no doubt keep you amused while I languish.

New blood

Please welcome our newest contributor, The Pink-Toothed Tart. PTT works in a law office in the Adelaide area, owns the dumbest cat this side of “Friends”, drinks like an Australian and takes no prisoners. We’re all pleased as proverbial punch to have her aboard.