Two of the very best ladies of the blogosphere, Alice Bachini and Michele Catalano, have quit.
I’m crushed. You’ll be missed, both of you.



  1. Al Maviva

    I feel for Michelle, and her angst over having gotten into a pissing match with Wonkette. As a D.C. lawyer who rubs shoulders – or at least sniffs the asses of and carries water for the Wonkette Set – I have to agree that Wonkette would really suck, except she blows. She recycles the same old shit I could get if I kept bringing coffee and chatting up friendly local lobby shop, or if I kept buying beers after work for my small legion of buddies on Cap Hill.
    That is, I could get that same gossipy trash if we all didn’t have reasonably serious jobs, and shit goin’ on.
    Wonkette is a pretty good example of what a talented person can do if they quit their day job and go slumming. “Will Bill Clinton spoil John Kerry’s run at the presidency? Does his hammer turn left harder than Hillary’s politics? Do bears shit in the woods? Maybe I’ll flash my tits – right now!”
    You’d think that Wonkette would have other skills she could use, beside the ability to draft mildly trashy sex talk and snarky gossip into blog entries. Oh well, that’s the story of Washington in a nutshell, great opportunities and talent squandered. I don’t know why our (semi-official?) poli-blogger should be any different. I don’t know why she is so instantly popular. Perhaps if Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, then Wonkette is Glenn Reynolds for people from outside the Beltway. You wanna read a good political blog? Check out ABC’s The Note.
    Michelle, on the other hand, wrote well and seriously about a range of topics. She’ll be missed.

  2. Alice Bachini

    Thanks, Sasha. Appreciation like yours is convincing me that I’ll be back eventually. Keep up the good work!