As long as I’m on the topic of food, let me reveal some of my not-always-logical food preferences.

Things I like cooked but not raw: Onions, tomatoes

Things I like raw but not cooked: Capsicum (bell peppers), carrots, cabbage

Things I like pureed but not whole:  Mushrooms (I like the flavor but the spongy texture bothers me)

Things I like on their own but not mixed in with other things:  Sultanas (raisins), and most other dried fruit

Things I absolutely refused to eat until an epiphany a few months ago: Offal

Things I still refuse to eat and cannot forsee any circumstances that will change that: Insects

Things I will eat if the only other choice is starving or offending someone, but I won’t be happy about it:  Seafood, spinach, brussels sprouts

Flavors that make me gag: Anise, caraway, marzipan


One comment

  1. jas88

    I’m with you on the onions: fried with a steak or sandwich? Great. Nice crispy ones in a burger? Wonderful. Raw? Blech!

    Bell peppers, I like cooked but not raw, and mushrooms I generally like whole. Offal … I’m not sure I’ve ever actually tried heart, your epiphany sounds like a great meal though.

    Marzipan’s a funny one: I can’t stand it, except the thin layer you get as part of fruitcake frosting, which I really like.

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