Nico’s Bacalhau

For you fishy types out there, this is one of my dad‘s signature recipes, a specialty of his homeland (Portugal).

3 packages salted cod
6 large onions
6 potatoes
Olive oil
Black olives, parsley and hard-boiled eggs for garnish
Leave salted cod overnight in cold water; change water at least once. Boil fish until it begins to flake easily.
Peel potatoes, cut in half and boil.
Cut onions in slices and fry until golden brown.
After potatoes cool, slice and lay at bottom of a casserole, covering the first layer generously with olive oil.
Then add a layer of codfish pieces.
Then add a layer of fried onions.
Pour a little olive oil over it.
Repeat operation until casserole is filled, always adding a little olive oil and some pepper.
When it comes time to serve, put in oven at 350 degrees until it is heated all the way through. Garnish with sliced hard boiled eggs, black olives and parsley.
Serve with a crusty white bread.



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