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November New Links.

Welcome a few new friends to the Roll of the Blog:

English: Portrait Illustration of comics artis...

English: Portrait Illustration of comics artist and illustrator P. Craig Russell by colleague Michael Netzer for his Portraits of the Creators Sketchbook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Uncouth Reflections. Culture, art, movies and music from the former proprietors of the defunct and missed 2Blowhards.

Slipped Disc, with the infuriatiing but not always wrong Norman Lebrecht.

Classical broadcaster Christopher Purdy.

M3. Men, women, sex, and society. Funny and sometimes harsh.

Comic book artist and opera gadfly P. Craig Russell.

Art Contrarian. Art, aesthetics, design, illustration. 100% pomo free!

Pianist, music scholar, fragrance aficionado, amateur tobacconist, Catholic, and all around interesting guy Stephen Hough

Science Based Pharmacy, by Scott Gavura, a contributor to Science Based Medicine. A fine addition to your quack-proofing arsenal.

The Vulgar Chef. Just what it says on the can. Fucking awesome.

Baylen Linnekin of the defunct Crispy on the Outside, now runs Keep Food Legal. Another excellent anti-prohibition site.

Rough and Regie. La Cieca James Jorden’s opera blog on Musical America. Infrequently updated but still very worth reading.

Dude Foods. Tasty and defiantly lowbrow food. Not just for dudes, either.

Tim Blair. Because I’d still be ignorant about Australian politics without him,

Not running yet but you can check out the main page: Apollonysius’ The Dirty Stuff.  Sexy stuff gonna happen there. (I have been asked to contribute.)


Vape stuff.

*RpadTV, one of the best video reviewers of games, gadgets, and PVs, takes a look at Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco.com. NET.com is special to your hostess because its founder openly acknowledged me as an inspiration in the creation of his company. Good to see them becoming successful.

*If you’re inclined to try brewing your own tobacco E-liquid, here’s the guest tutorial I wrote for VapeSquad outlining the surprisingly easy process.

*Rpad and VapeSquad also review the Innokin ITaste VTR. I haven’t had mod lust for a long time but I really, really, really, REALLY want this.

Sexay! The new Innokin ITaste VTR.

Sexay! The new Innokin ITaste VTR.

*The always sensible Jacob Sullum opines on E-cigs for the New York Post.

*Sullum again, on health-fascist’s fears that E-cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco cigarettes (and marijuana, and heroin, etc.). Because once you’ve got a taste for nicotine, why not move on to the foul, stinky, polluting, health-destroying delivery system? /sarc

*Frenchpeople giving up their Gauloises and Gitanes for a vaporizer? Believe it or not, yes! Now if we could just get Parisians to pick up their dog shit off the sidewalks…

*There is no danger that calls for plain packaging on cigarettes will lead to calls for plain packaging of other products. None at all. You’re being silly. That couldn’t possibly, ever happen.


Schleppy Nabucco’s Shawn and Elizabeth review Shostakovich’s surreal opera at the Met.

I wish I could have seen it. I am only familiar with one of Shostakovich’s operas: the tremendous Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, which has quickly grown to be one of my favorite works. I saw it for the first time from the stage side, in Graham Vick’s infamous postmodern Met production.

Any opera personally denounced by Joseph Stalin can’t be all bad.

And as for the sexual implications of the proboscis in question, I can do no better than to direct my readers to the “Spanish Fry” episode of Futurama.

Nose as sexual organ. Discuss.


JudgyBitch has a post on the hypocrisy of the campaign to ban “lad’s mags”. The comments delve into the ridiculousness of magazines like Cosmopolitan which objectify women in the worst possible ways, and yet there are no calls for them to be banned.

I quit reading Cosmo when it became obvious that the writers were just making shit up because they thought it sounded good, without stopping to think if it made sense.

My favorite example: in one of their stupid “Ten Ways To Get Your Man In The Mood For Love” articles, one of the suggestions was, believe it or not:

4. Have your sweetie give you a manicure.


Even if, unfathomably, this did get one or both of you horny, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it for an hour. You know why?


Incidentally, JB is one of my daily reads. I agree with her 80% of the time, and her posts are always interesting and fun to read.