Faith healing.

Do not click on this link unless you want to be enraged at the stories of parents who unconscionably refuse medical treatment for their children. Dr. Harriet Hall of SBM tells the story, of, among others, the incredibly courageous Rita Swan, a former Christian Scientist who quit the church after her son Mathew died of untreated bacterial meningitis. Swan then became a heroic campaigner for the rights of children to be treated even if their parents belong to faiths that prohibit “modern” medicine. She founded CHILD (Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty), which meticulously documented cases of deaths and suffering brought on by their parents’ neglect and misplaced faith.

Let me be clear: if these deluded shitwits want to end or shorten their own lives by avoiding medicine, I’ve got no problem with that. In fact, more power to them. But they DO NOT have the right to commit manslaughter.

I’d like to call for the laws that protect these monsters to be repealed, but I’m sanguine enough to know that it will never happen.

The link herein contains graphic photos, terrifying stories of unrelieved suffering, and infuriating tales of preventable deaths. Also various members of fringe sects trying to justify their homicidal actions.


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  1. cabrogal

    Let’s not forget all the kids killed by their parents misplaced faith in allopathic medicine too.

    GPs simply don’t have time to read all the journals relating to all the diseases they are likely to strike in a normal practice. So most of them get their information from drug company reps or paid off ‘opinion leaders’.

    If you can understand clinical trial results and have access to the internet there is no excuse for placing your faith in therapies prescribed by others – whether they are allopathic or alternative practitioners. If you take the trouble to do the research on your own specific complaint chances are you will be more of an expert than the person you are consulting.

    The single greatest cause of admission to Australian emergency wards is adverse reactions to prescription drugs that were taken as prescribed. It kills more Australians than murder and suicide combined.

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