Ten great Law & Order quotes.

Why do I love this show? Because it reminds me of home, and its predictability is comforting to me.  It was one of the few shows set in New York City to actually be filmed there on location. (“Because L&O was filming on my block”, is a completely acceptable excuse for tardiness to work.) But the writing was under-appreciated. Some classic quips…

ADA Kincaid: “Just because he’s condescending to the jury doesn’t mean we have to.”
DA Schiff: “Nobody’s condescending here, young lady!”

Det. Fontana: “There are two things every con wants as soon as he’s released. The second is a pizza.”
ME Rodgers: “What’s the first?”

Lt. Van Buren: “Did the deceased have a man in her life?”
Det. Briscoe:”Yes, but his name is Fluffy and he’s been neutered.”

Suspect (pointing to Det. Munch’s ID badge: “What’s that?”
Det. Munch: “This is my hall pass so I can go to the crapper by myself.”

Witness, referring to an allegedly Native American artist:”Little Moon Birdsong, my ass! Her name’s Linda Epstein, from Syosset.”
Det. Briscoe: “Different tribe altogether.”

Defense lawyer: “I got bent over a chair by Miss Ross once before. Now I’m getting another tingling feeling in my butt. Why is that?”
ADA Ross: “Wishful thinking?”

ADA McCoy: “We’re playing legal tiddlywinks with these punks. What I’d really like to do is take them out to Battery Park and hang them by the scrotum.”

Suspect, who has brought his cousin, a elderly real estate lawyer, to be with him during a murder investigation: “They think I killed Mike.”
Elderly lawyer: “They do? You didn’t, did you?”
The late and great Jerry Orbach as Lennie Briscoe

ADA Schiff, during a strategy meeting about the prosecution of a particle physicist: “So, all we have to do to win a larceny case, is prove how the universe will end?”

Defendant: “Dom is dead, and I did it. I knew exactly what I was doing.”
Arraignment judge: “I’m not supposed to express personal opinions in the courtroom, but I’ve got to tell you, Ms. Perazzo, you make me proud to be an American.”


One comment

  1. jas88

    It’s a great series, with some wonderful lines – amusingly, this post first showed up on my phone while I was watching an episode!

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