Vape stuff.

*RpadTV, one of the best video reviewers of games, gadgets, and PVs, takes a look at is special to your hostess because its founder openly acknowledged me as an inspiration in the creation of his company. Good to see them becoming successful.

*If you’re inclined to try brewing your own tobacco E-liquid, here’s the guest tutorial I wrote for VapeSquad outlining the surprisingly easy process.

*Rpad and VapeSquad also review the Innokin ITaste VTR. I haven’t had mod lust for a long time but I really, really, really, REALLY want this.

Sexay! The new Innokin ITaste VTR.

Sexay! The new Innokin ITaste VTR.

*The always sensible Jacob Sullum opines on E-cigs for the New York Post.

*Sullum again, on health-fascist’s fears that E-cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco cigarettes (and marijuana, and heroin, etc.). Because once you’ve got a taste for nicotine, why not move on to the foul, stinky, polluting, health-destroying delivery system? /sarc

*Frenchpeople giving up their Gauloises and Gitanes for a vaporizer? Believe it or not, yes! Now if we could just get Parisians to pick up their dog shit off the sidewalks…

*There is no danger that calls for plain packaging on cigarettes will lead to calls for plain packaging of other products. None at all. You’re being silly. That couldn’t possibly, ever happen.


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