Absolue Pour Le Soir.

Francis Kurkdjian is the nose behind several fragrances I admire, from the cheap and cheerful Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden to the frightfully expensive and rare Tihota by Indult (which I have to grudgingly admit is possibly the greatest pure vanilla fragrance in existence). His namesake niche line launched in 2009 with only a handful of scents, along with interesting scented products like laundry detergent, fragrant leather bracelets, and bubbles.

Absolue Pour Le Soir is old-school, and I mean that in the best way possible. A potent, complex spicy-floral-incense with the slightest hint of cuminy skank (but not too much).  A virtual souk of rose, and smoky benzoin is the main impression one gets when inhaling this treat. It has amazing sillage and unheard-of lasting power. The drydown is balsamic, comforting and faintly sweet with a tinge of good cedarwood (which is fortunate, because bad cedarwood is horrible and reminiscent of the pee-soaked shavings lining a hamster cage). If you like strong ambery-orientals like Lutens’ Fumerie Turque and Parfum d’Empire’s Ambre Russe, get your hands on a sample pronto. Be sure to apply with discretion because it is *quite* strong and could potentially alienate those in your immediate vicinity if oversprayed. Luckyscent places it more toward the “masculine” end of its masculine/feminine matrix, which is incomprehensible to me: besides Fracas, I find it hard to think of a more bombshell-ish femme fatale fragrance than APLS. Love love love.

Francis Kurkdjian’s Absolue Pour Le Soir is available at Luckyscent.  It is rather heftily priced at US$185 per bottle, but you do get 2.4 ounces. No smaller bottles are available. The bottles are plain squarish beveled glass with a pewter-looking lid. The juice is bright orange, so take care when spraying it on fabric.


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