The dilemma of my malfunctioning laptop came closer to being solved when I discovered a crucial clue:

Tooth marks on the power cord.

Since I do not have a feline bite-mark specialist nearby, and probably couldn’t afford it even if I did, I will be forced to release the cats due to lack of evidence incriminating one over the other. Shame, because I really want to throttle one of them.

While I await a new charger from EBay, I will be blogging telephonically, if at all. This means typing on a tiny Nokia keyboard with my clumsy fingers. Ugh.

I do in fact have some interesting things I want to talk about, but in the meantime, have a look at this advertisement I ran into yesterday.
I kind of like its forthrightness. What do you all think?



  1. Tarnished

    Ha, well the ad certainly gets it’s entire point across pretty effectively.

    Come on, Sasha…blogging from your phone isn’t that bad. It’s how I’ve written every single one of my posts AND how I comment. (No interwebz at my place, I use the 5gb data plan on my Droid.) If it looks like your charger is going to take a while in coming, try downloading the WordPress app from the Google store. It’s great!

    • Sasha

      The charger just arrived from HK! Yay, I am empowered again:)

      The WordPress app for Windows Phone (yeah, I’m weird) is actually pretty good. It’s just the mobile phone keyboard that annoys me. As I said, my fingers are not terribly nimble.

      How’s the new store setup going? You must be exhausted.

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