JudgyBitch has a post on the hypocrisy of the campaign to ban “lad’s mags”. The comments delve into the ridiculousness of magazines like Cosmopolitan which objectify women in the worst possible ways, and yet there are no calls for them to be banned.

I quit reading Cosmo when it became obvious that the writers were just making shit up because they thought it sounded good, without stopping to think if it made sense.

My favorite example: in one of their stupid “Ten Ways To Get Your Man In The Mood For Love” articles, one of the suggestions was, believe it or not:

4. Have your sweetie give you a manicure.


Even if, unfathomably, this did get one or both of you horny, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it for an hour. You know why?


Incidentally, JB is one of my daily reads. I agree with her 80% of the time, and her posts are always interesting and fun to read.


    • Sasha

      It takes about that long for polish to completely dry. That’s why women who’ve just had manicures walk around looking funny with their fingers splayed wide apart, to avoid nicks.

      • cabrogal

        Ah, I see.

        The reason I didn’t twig is because I’ve never had a girlfriend who uses nail-polish.
        The only woman in my family who does is my mum and she’s a bit of a make-up tragic. Not sure if I’d even recognise her without makeup to be honest.

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