"Beauty and the Beast" by Erté (Romain de Tirtoff), my favorite artist.

“Beauty and the Beast” by Erté (Romain de Tirtoff), my favorite artist.

Here is my guest essay for The Honest Courtesan, on being a good and memorable mistress.

If you’re arriving here via Maggie’s site, welcome. Here you’ll find a little of everything. Browse and click a link or two.

I like perfume, food, skepticism, sex, opera, hockey, television, travel, history, art (especially Erté) and languages.

I like freedom of minds, freedom of markets, freedom of thought, and freedom of (or from) religion.

I hate dogma, quackery, socialism, fundamentalism, poor grammar, screaming children and caraway seeds.

Five random gorgeous men: Daniel Craig, Idris Elba, Jason Momoa, Christopher Plummer, and Henrik Lundquist.

Five random gorgeous women: Christina Hendricks, Penélope Cruz, Monica Bellucci, Eva Marie Saint, and Serena Williams.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again.



  1. Erudite Knight

    Hey Sasha, reading your post, what it really seems to come to me is the whole ‘alpha’ male thing so many talk about. That namely as long as a guy is attractive enough (looks, power, society etc) girls will do things like this, becoming the ‘other’ women.

  2. Sasha

    EK, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. I think alpha is alpha for a reason. You may choose to believe me or not, but I actually became Carlos’ mistress because I enjoyed his company and found him congenial. He was not really handsome. But I do know that while lack of “alphaness” (in the form of his prominence in his field) wouldn’t have reduced my attraction to him, the presence of alphaness increased it. Does that make sense?

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