Sel de Vetiver.

The first 90 seconds of this fragrance are all kinds of wrong: menthol cigarettes, road tar, lawn clippings, seaweed, and cannabis. It settles down for a smooth green middle section of patchouli and iris with a little tang of geranium. After about 20 minutes the vetiver finally comes through, and it is a beauty indeed… gradually coming to the fore but still anchored by patchouli. The “salty” skin note informs the fragrance all the way through but is most noticeable during the drydown. Not for nothing, but this is the first time I’ve ever smelled a perfume with prominent iris notes without wanting to gag at its powdery sweetness…there is nothing sweet about SdV, and hallelujah for that.

What an amazing, intriguing fragrance. Even the shocking topnotes are quickly becoming addictive. This, for me, is an evening fragrance but not a going out fragrance. I spray it on myself after work to unwind, and am considering sacrificing a few spritzes to use as a linen spray. It is resolutely unisex and smells dead sexy on a guy.

The Different Company‘s Sel de Vetiver is created by Céline Ellena (daughter of renowned nose Jean-Claude), and is available at Luckyscent. The bottles are heavy, square and plain and the metal caps screw in. (Mine squeaks.)


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