Pollutant of the day.

Over at Cocktails and Colognes, Harry is experimenting with making his own fig-cardamom-infused vodka.The sheer Indian-restaurant dreaminess of that put me in a cocktail-inventing mind: Iced Assam tea? Apricot juice?

But then I thought back to the “Proud Punjabi”, an $18 glass of sweet-tart bliss, and by no means the most interesting thing to be served at Digress Restaurant and Lounge.

English: Bowl of green cardamom pods for use i...

English: Bowl of green cardamom pods for use in cooking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Digress is definitely Canberra’s, probably Australia’s, and possibly the world’s only Indian-Italian fusion restaurant known to me. Where else can you get so-crazy-it-just-might-work mashups like chicken tikka carbonara and vindaloo pizza? But I think their greatest creation might be the “Proud Punjabi”, an addictively toothsome combination of mango lassi, coconut liqueur, and Tia Maria. Expensive, but worthy.

Anyway, if anything needs to be mixed up with homemade fig-cardamom vodka, it’s a mango lassi. Posthaste, young man.

Review of Digress coming shortly, as it occurs to me it’s been far too long since I’ve been there. Once last year, but prior to that was in the company of SMB’s Yuki in December of 2011,  Yuki’s beautifully photographed review is here. (Full disclosure: Yuki used to work for me.)

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