Hell’s Smells.

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most re...

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most renowned Italian poets, painted by his contemporary Giotto di Bondone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorite indie perfumers, Possets, has just released their Halloween collection, and in spite of personal budget restrictions I had to place a modest order. All of Possets’ collections are themed: this one is based around Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.  Other ranges have been dedicated to Victoriana, Egyptian mythology, legends, US states, paint colors, historical figures, poetry, The Canterbury Tales, and other such ephemera designed to appeal to geeks like me. One ongoing project is the OAR (Ohio Alleycat Rescue) series. Fabienne names a perfume for each new cat that arrives at the rescue shelter. It remains for sale  (with part of the profits going to OAR) until the cat is adopted, at which point it is retired. How cool, and for what a worthy cause. I have a nice collection of little 6ml Possets in my perfume collection. Some of my personal favorites of all time include

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) Madame X (Mada...

Madame X  (sinfully sexy cocoa-laced musk, I imagine Virginie Gautreau exuding this from her creamy white neck as she stood getting her portrait painted by  John Singer Sargent ); Seraphim  (an angelically lovely ambery vanilla that has made its way into my home fragrances and body products, it’s so perfect for every occasion);  Limoncello Dolce Vita (this is what every citrus dessert fragrance wants to be when it grows up–pastry cream, pasta di mandorle, and bright lemon) Gingerbread Whorehouse (spicy Christmas cookies softened with a pillowy-smooth musk–I want to buy this for Maggie McNeill); Gingerbread Crackhouse (similar to the Whorehouse but a bit less sexy and more foody), Giddy (for those times when you just need to smell like a big vat of melted gooey chocolate…and let’s be honest, who among us can honestly say that we haven’t?); and Theodora (a sexy, resiny blend of incence, oudh, and vetiver that is fit for a Byzantine empress.)

Proprietress Fabienne Christenson shares my weakness for puns, so you might want to pick up some Huile of Fortune or Gimme That Oudh Time Religion just for their names, and at Easter time you can pick up some of the Marshmallow Pepys range named for the cheese-hoarding English diarist,

Prices have gone up a bit recently but are still remarkably reasonable given the quality: 6ml bottles are a gentle US$12.50, and worldwide shipping is free for orders over US$75. You can ask for samples too–usually one sample vial is enclosed per full size bottle. There are ranges of 100% natural scents, and men’s scents as well.

Do check them out… at the least it’s a delightful site to visit, (Not affiliated, just a fan.)

EDIT: Post title revised for extra added punniness.


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