Tough Chicks.

My old blog-buddy Mike of Cold Fury penned this ode to Tough Chicks over a decade ago. It resonates now like it did then.

A Tough Chick knows what you mean by the term “Tough Chick” and understands that it’s not meant to be in any way condescending, insulting, or slanderous, but highly complimentary. She knows it’s pretty much the same as what Sinatra meant when he called a woman a “broad.”

A Tough Chick takes no shit, from you or anybody else. On the other hand, she will never give you any (undeserved) shit either. Tough Chicks are not in the shit business.

A Tough Chick would do Angelina Jolie in a hot second, and doesn’t care if even her mother knows it.

Read it all. It’s a classic.



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