Traversée du Bosphore.


Traversée du Bosphore reminds me of two État Libre d’Orange fragrances that I have: Bendelirious and Encens et Bubblegum. It has Bendelirious’ pale, cool iris married to a wretchedly sweet fruit note, and Encens et Bubblegum’s solemn (almost masculine) dry accord combined with…a wretchedly sweet fruit note. Obviously something about both these fragrances induced me to buy them, but repeated use has not been their friend: they are on my shelf of stuff to be sold on Ebay. Thank Heavens I sampled Traversée before buying it, or that bottle would have joined their fate. The ghastly iris and the sad candy note that form the core of Traversée remind me of a room where someone has misted a Bath & Body Works body spray to cover up the smell of a sick person. Note to self: in the future, avoid fragrances that try to “modernize” classic fragrance genres with syrup. A rare disappointment from Bertrand Duchaufour.



  1. cabrogal

    You’d have to have a pretty healthy sense of self-ridicule to wear a scent called ‘Encens et Bubblegum’.

    Either that or a Japanese ‘Hello Kitty’ nut.

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