I finished my first graphic novel, Sandman:Preludes & Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman.

Color me very, very impressed.

I have always been more of a verbal person than a visual one. I was frankly unsure whether I would properly appreciate a story in the graphic format. Turns out it isn’t a problem.

I was enthralled by the Dream storyline, and the non-linear way the tale unfolded. The art was moody and appropriate, and the text was clearly aimed at sophisticated adult readers. (Yes, I guess I fell into the common trap of assuming that comics graphic novels were for young ‘uns. Bad Sasha.)

Next stop is Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel. And after that, Kill Shakespeare.
I’m psyched.

Oh, and I found a way to combine my new passion with my pre-existing passion of opera. Graphic versions of Der Ring des Nibelungen and Die Zauberflöte are winging their way to me at this very moment.

(NB- This post was composed entirely on the Windows Phone WordPress app. With one formatting exception, it turned out pretty good.)



      • cabrogal

        And Gaiman’s not anti-American?
        Have you read American Gods?

        Besides, I thought everyone was anti-American these days.
        No-one loves a loser.

      • Sasha

        Nope. I am very pro-American. Also pro-Australia and pro-Israel.

        As I said in the post, this was my first graphic novel, so if Gaiman has anti-American tendencies I have yet to encounter them.

      • cabrogal

        I’m anti-all-states, but especially imperialist ones.
        That includes sub-imperialist ones like America’s deputy sheriffs in the Pacific and Middle East.

        Gaiman cut his reputation with regular non-graphic sci-fi and won a Hugo with American Gods about a decade ago.
        He’s also co-authored some stuff with Terry Pratchett.
        Last I heard American Gods was being made into a big budget movie so you’re set to hear more about it soon.

      • cabrogal

        The Incal was priced at a cool $60?

        It’s not that good.
        I first read it in a share house in the early 80s. I don’t know how much my flatmate paid for it but I seriously doubt he would have forked over more than a few bucks for a comic.

        I don’t know if you use P2P but a quick search reveals live torrents with a 98MB CBR version available for free.
        CBRs can be a bit of a pain to read on the screen though. Big frames require zooming out to get the overview then zooming in and scrolling to read the text.

    • cabrogal

      I take that back.

      I think I’ve now read all of Gaiman’s graphic novels and he is definitely better than Jodorowsky.

      Previously I’d only read a couple of ‘Sandman’ editions that had pretty lame ‘Weird Tales’ type stories told from the perspective of Cain and Abel. I think Gaiman’s Cain and Abel are pretty weak and superficial characters to hold up so much of the Sandman series but that failing is more than made up for by many other characters, plot lines and mythologies. Much better than “American Gods”.

    • cabrogal

      Che Guevara is very popular.

      You’re conflating losing with martyrdom, which is a kind of winning.

      The Jesus trick is to get yourself killed before people start perceiving you as a blowhard oppressor.
      Too late for the US.

      • cabrogal

        Nah, the US has been as dead as a doorpost since they elected the Reagan zombie.

        But Che lives on in the heart of every capitalist who makes a killing selling his posters and t-shirts.

      • juniortex

        “Nah, the US has been as dead as a doorpost since they elected the Reagan zombie.”

        Still seemed to exist the last time I was there

        “But Che lives on in the heart of every capitalist who makes a killing selling his posters and t-shirts.”

        Capitalism: something else which outlasted Che. Still, good to know he’s performing the same function as Justin Beiber. Minus the pulse of course.

      • cabrogal

        Uncle Sam may ‘still exist’ but he’s definitely dead and rotting from the head.
        Haven’t you noticed the smell?

        I’m not buying Beiber has a pulse either.
        I want a second medical opinion.

      • juniortex

        “Uncle Sam may ‘still exist’ but he’s definitely dead and rotting from the head.
        Haven’t you noticed the smell?”

        Nope. I live in the real world, not in some screeching Green Left Slogan collective.

      • cabrogal


        I’d suggest I’m far more an individualist than those who suck up to statist and corporate tropes.
        You won’t catch me mindlessly parroting the slogans of others like some sort of hand-on-heart patriots or Ayn-brained Randroid.

  1. krulac

    For all you troll up there predicting the demise of U.S. foreign power. Let’s remember one thing – the Soviet Union completely collapsed and yet Russia is STILL a major power. As long as we keep spending money on defense … you’re not going to see U.S. foreign might collapse permanently until we’re SOUNDLY DEFEATED … and I’m talking a major defeat like Trafalgar was. Now … true … the U.S. is getting shit on all over because Obama is incompetent – but it DID NOT get shit on when George Bush was in office – he did what the fuck he wanted and listened to no one. Sure … you can bitch with a guy like that in office but you didn’t see the UN enforce any “sanctions” against the U.S. and you never will no matter what we do.

    So applaud while you can … until Obama gets out of office … then HOPE that Hillary is elected because she’s another “bumbler” of foreign policy but if you get another Repubican – you guys are are gong to need a crying towel. It’s pretty immature of you guys to think that a power like the U.S. could crumble overnight – especially when you have the example of the Soviet Union that SHOULD be a recent lesson in your minds.


    On another note – Sasha – have you ever been to the Opera in Prague?

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