Your Science Sucks.

I find it not at all surprising that Rob Schneider, of “Deuce Bigalow” fame, has become an anti-vaccination parrot. Orac does his usual meticulous job of categorizing the myriad ways in which he is wrong. Besides his existence, which can’t be helped, and his acting career, which Roger Ebert has punished him enough for.


One comment

  1. cabrogal

    Nice of Orac to provide the anti-Rob Schneider shots free of charge.

    Gotta admit that I think some in the pro-vaccine lobby have gone way too far the other way however.

    It’s still too early to know what sort of long term protection against cervical cancer Gardasil will offer but a couple of days ago I heard Robyn Williams on RN claiming it had already saved 20 million lives.
    Bullshit like that just helps the anti-vaccination quacks.

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