You know what nobody ever talks about when they discuss the September 11 attacks and their aftermath?

The smell.

For weeks after the fact, the air in New York City was permeated with the most nauseating odor: a combination of concrete dust, burnt metal, and smoke. Even in the Bronx, miles away from Ground Zero, I couldn’t leave the house without being  assaulted by the horrid stench.

It’s still with me in the back of my mind, in that deep buried corner along with dead human flesh, labeled “Things I never want to smell ever, ever again.”


One comment

  1. cabrogal

    I was at North Bondi police station once (don’t ask) when they were hosing out the back of a paddy wagon they had just used to transport a body recovered from the water off Bronte. It had apparently been out there for some time.

    After I got home I spent 20 minutes or so snorting hot soapy water to try to make the smell go away and to this day I sometimes imagine I can still smell it.

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