Din Tai Fung.

This is it, the alpha and omega, the ne plus ultra, the most talked about dumpling house in Sydney (with branches worldwide). And as I mentioned in an earlier post, it has become a bit of an obsession.

Located on the upper level of World Square, DTF is enormous and crowded, yet maintains an almost startling efficiency. It is possible to order and consume your entire meal without once speaking to the (young, uniformed, attractive, Chinese) wait staff.  When you are  led to your Formica table–sometimes individual, and sometimes part of a communal table–your are given a menu with pictures, and also a checklist with all the menu items on it. You tick off the items and quantity, and hand the checklist to your server.  Shortly thereafter, fragrant plates of bliss are brought to your table.

Xiaolongbao in steamer. With one removed for, um, aesthetic purposes.

The justly celebrated xiaolongbao are the real deal: scientifically and precisely assembled and cooked and arriving in their own bamboo steamer. Thin skins, a perfectly savory thin broth that hardly needs soy or vinegar for seasoning, and a juicy meatball in the centre. They are truly one of the most darling foods ever created.


Our other customary orders are the Dan Dan noodles and the pork chop noodle soup, but this time the Mr decided to try a different noodle dish. The fiery bowl pictured above is “wontons with noodles in a tangy broth”. Tangy does not justify the spice level of this dish, liberally soaked in hot chili. The Mr, normally posessed of an iron constitution and a high spice tolerance, was wiping tears from his eyes as he finished. I dared not even try it.

I went for the wussy option:


Described as noodles in a shallot sauce, this was indeed just that. Perfectly chewy noodles lightly dressed with a mild and pleasingly salty brown sauce, scattered with chopped green onions. Simple and tremendously satisfying.

It’s the dumplings that make the meal though. That’s why we go, and DTF never disappoints.

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One comment

  1. cabrogal


    Sounds like when we catch up for dinner Mr Self-Pollution and I will be sharing each others dishes and you’ll be breaking into a sweat when either of us breathes in your direction.

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