I suppose I wouldn’t be a proper blogger if I didn’t post photos of my pets.


This is Loli, also known as Big Cat, although she is quite tiny in this photograph. She has blossomed into a voluptuous tuxedo. She is named after a woman I  love and admire greatly: Cuban-American cabaret artist Loli Márquez-Sterling.

Loli is the flirt, the cuddler, the attention hog. She has the strongest herding instinct I have ever seen in a feline: I am convinced she is actually a border collie trapped in a cat’s body. She loves to curl up with us on the sofa and be stroked. She also has a foot fetish: she rubs her head and face on our feet whether they are bare or enclosed, and sometimes gnaws on our toes.

One of her less endearing habits: after I get out of the shower, she will come up behind me on the sofa and begin sucking on my wet hair.


This is Kif, also known as Little Cat. She is named after this Kif:


Like her namesake, Kif is skittish, nervous and socially awkward, but a sweetheart deep down. When she is surprised, which is often, she will react by jumping vertically a foot in the air. She flinches when touched but has been known to occasionally display affection by head-butting one of us. Her voice is broken, leading me to nickname her “Donkey Cat” because her meow sounds like the hee-haw of a donkey. She does not purr, but she does snore, which is funnier than you can imagine.


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