I tend to veer from atheism to full-on woo-woo mysticism, sometimes from day to day. When I am a believer, my personal system of spirituality is a mashup of Gnosticism (minus the sex-negativity), Thelema, Hermeticism, paganism, and a few crumbs of leftover Reform Judaism from my childhood.

What I am, for certain, is deeply suspicious of organized religion. All varieties.

I am of the apparently rare belief that my relationship with God is between me and God, and NOBODY FUCKING ELSE.

He or She or It or They  (hereafter known as HSIT) knows what is in my heart and soul, and for any other person to claim that they know better than HSIT is hubris. To claim I am damned if I don’t follow their particular version of HSITs law is beyond hubris: it is blasphemy.

That’s on the days when I do believe. When I don’t, life is all purely mechanistic and there is nothing else out there.



  1. tarnishedsophia

    Well, you already know what I believe from the post I did today. Strangely enough, I’m fine with your beliefs too!

    Imo, people should just focus on being kind and good, not necessarily pious.

  2. cabrogal

    We can pretty much agree here, Sasha.

    Even though my mashup has a different ingredients list I suspect the flavour would be quite similar.

    Except that my personal God is a She. Very definitely a She.

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