Dickson Dumpling House.


Affectionately nicknamed “The Dick Dump”, this is where Mr. Self-Pollution and I go when we need a dumpling fix, but are too poor to go to Sydney for the weekend.

I was introduced to the wonders of xiaolongbao, also known as Shanghai dumplings or soup dumplings, by a Chinese colleague who took me to the justifiably famous Din Tai Fung in World Square. The perfect thin skin, the rich meaty soup, and the delicately garlicky//gingery pork filling were a revelation to me. I came back with the Mr. and he too became obsessed. Thanks to a Shanghaiese acquaintance, I was given two possibilities for XLB in Canberra. One of them, Bao’s Kitchen, was “sold out” of them when we went, which disappointed me. The other was the perpetually crowded Dick Dump.

Be warned, this place gets crowded and loud at dinnertime, which is why on our two most recent trips we’ve gone for midafternoon lunch. Still, the waitstaff is perpetually harried and absent, and a good deal of semaphore-signaling is required to get served.

That’s all right though, because in return for your patience, you get six of these.

Xiaolongbao at Dickson Dumpling house.

Xiaolongbao at Dickson Dumpling house.

The soup is a bit less pungent than Din Tai Fung, but richer and more plentiful. The  skins are less delicate than the Platonic ideal, but truthfully I like them that way. The meat is a bit fattier but not gristly at all. I slurped mine down in short order, in order to make room for…

Fried beef dumplings. Yeah, I'd eaten four before it occurred to me to photograph them. Sue me.

Fried beef dumplings. Yeah, I’d eaten four before it occurred to me to photograph them. Sue me.

Pan fried dumplings. Oh my.

The Dick Dump makes their dumplings small, almost bite-sized. Medium-thick skins provide a bit of chew, but it isn’t that raw-dough feeling you get with lesser dumplings. The deep crunch of the pan-fried crust is satisfying in the extreme. I like the straightforward meatiness of the beef filling, but chicken corn and pork are also delicious if slightly more conventional.

I recommend it. In spite of the spotty service, I never leave there unsatisfied.

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  1. cabrogal

    I’ve been contemplating reprisals ever since your tonkatsu dog post – maybe a review of one of Harry’s pies with mashed peas or something – anything – from Newcastle’s Embassy Cafe (if you ever see anything interesting in one of their heating trays you must be an archeology student).

    Then you go and redeem yourself with dumplings.

    Sometimes a dish of revenge goes too cold.

  2. Greg

    Thanks, Sasha! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.





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