Self-pollutant of the day.

Kopparberg Elder Flower and Lime Cider.


What is it about Kopparberg and its compatriot brand Rekorderlig, that makes them so many leagues better than any other ciders? I’m guessing the firmly present (but not excessive) sweetness. More noticeable than other ciders but not syrupy at all. The only brand I’ve found to compare with the Swedes in tastiness are the two brews from the very fine Matso’s of Broome, but they can be hard to find, whereas the Swedish brands are easily found at Coles, BYS, Dan Murphy’s, etc. Stock up when they run 4 for $24 sales. Personal favorite flavors are Apple Blackcurrant, Orange-Ginger, Winter, and Mango Raspberry (Rekorderlig) and Pear and Elderflower Lime (Kopparberg).

Interestingly, I found both these brands exceedingly difficult to find in the northeastern USA. Only one restaurant I found (Five Napkin Burger) had pear Kopparberg for the princely sum of $12 per bottle. Neither brand was in liquor stores, specialty beer stores, or even the fabled Fairway.


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