The campaign speech you’ll never hear. Ever.

An oldie but goodie by Tex, for the Senate run that ultimately garnered 55 votes!


I want you to elect me. Why? Because I promise, if elected, I will spend every day of my term making sure the government does absolutely fucking nothing.

I’m gonna stop government spending in almost every area you can imagine. The government will be so starved of revenue it will barely be able to function….

You’ll have to mind your own damned business and take responsibility for your own actions. If the guy next door to you is a polygamist transsexual drug addict with a collection of .44 magnums who makes porno movies featuring donkeys, there’s nothing you can do about it.

As linked in Samizdata by Scott Wickstein, the namesake of the evaporative cooler in our bedroom (which he helped us lug in his car). I haven’t seen him since that trip. I don’t know that anyone has. If you know differently, please advise.


Tell me.

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