Quit or Die.

The ostentatiously altruistic busybodies who go by the laughably inappropriate moniker of “public health authorities” have just voted to regulate electronic cigarettes as medical devices, both in the UK and now EU-wide

There goes the health of the public, who will have to choose between approved nicotine replacement programs (which have a success rate of 5-15%, depending on what source you read), or defanged corporate clone e-cigs, which will probably be little if any better.

Oh yeah! They could just go back to smoking regular combustible tobacco cigarettes! That’s healthier for the public than e-cigarettes, right?


I’m stunned but I suppose I shouldn’t be. Anti-smoking activists have territory to protect.

I tried patches. They gave me horrifying Technicolor nightmares and left ugly red welts on my skin. Leaving them off at night to bypass the dreams led to morning cig cravings of death. I went back to smoking.

I tried Buproprion. That actually reduced the desire, but I found a too-big variability between brands. The Zyban was different to the Wellbutrin which was different yet to three different brands of generic. The generic had no discernible effect. I went back to smoking.

I tried Chantix/Champix. Violent stomach-churning nausea accompanied every dose. I sometimes couldn’t keep it down and would upchuck. Not only did cigarettes taste bad, but so did everything else. I went back to smoking.

I went from 20-25 cigarettes a day for 20 years, to zero, in about 72 hours using e-cigarettes. 18 months later I am still vaping and have not smoked one solitary cigarette.

I have made a bit of a hobby of “vaping”, as it is known, and one of my favorite online communities is the one on ECF. Thousands of folks on any given day hang out there to discuss new products, flavors, and trends in the personal vaporizer community.

I don’t remember any forums discussion the flavors and innovation of nicotine gum, or a support group for Chantix side-effect-sufferers. There may have been, I don’t know. But it can’t have been one squillionth as vibrant and diverse as the vaping community.

And the unlucky Europeans will have to go back to cigarettes, or quit, or die, thanks to these new regulations.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?



Tell me.

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