Divas in heaven

First Renata Tebaldi, last month, and nowVictoria de los Angeles has passed away at 81. A singer who truly lived up to her name.
If you don’t already own de los Angeles’ ultra-classic recording of La Boheme with Beecham and Bjorling, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It’s the standard-setter.
Of course, if you’ve already got Tebaldi’s fabulous Decca recording with Bergonzi, you’re not doing too badly either. I still prefer the Beecham though.
And just for the record, in the great Callas-Tebaldi partisan debate, give me Tebaldi every time.


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  1. cousin vinnie

    The passing of Tebaldi and de los Angeles is sad, but they provided much pleasure.
    I agree with you on Tebaldi vs. Callas. Callas did some nice work, mostly early in her career, but she often sounded like she was singing into an empty shoebox. I don’t see how she is in the same league as Tebaldi.