Alan Rickman has long been one of my favorite actors, so imagine my dismay when I read that he plans to direct a play based on the life of Rachel Corrie:
The play will include excerpts from her e-mail correspondence. A sampling of her venom: “…am being doted on all the time…by people who are facing dg doom…the sheer kindness of the people here, coupled with the over whelming evidence of the willful destruction of their lives…so I think when all means of survival is cut off in a pen (Gaza) which people can’t get out of, I think that qualifies as genocide.”
Oy vey. This might be even worse than that Tim Robbins play, or Tony Kushner’s Laura Bush thing. For shame, Alan. For shame.



  1. James

    Aaron: What tank? The key part of logic *she* missed is that standing in a bulldozer’s blind spot is fatally stupid – literally. It’s sad she did it, certainly, but what on earth is there to make a film about?

  2. Dave J

    Yes, Sasha: I don’t remember when it was that I first discovered Rickman was so far to the left that he made even most other actors look like relatively sensible moderates, but it was quite some time ago. Shame, that. Oh well.