Good riddance and good health

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually feel a twinge of pity for Mark Latham.
This whole “scandal” has been entirely media-created. Would a statement from him following the tsunami have helped the damp Asians at all? Of course not. (Should his office have been proactive and drafted a generic statement of thiswasaterribletragedyandwewilldowhateverwecantohelp? Yes. But Labor’s incompetence is well known, and beside the point anyway.)
If the press are going to hound the man to his resignation from politics, they should do it for the right reasons: a) he’s an incorrigible asshole; b) he lost an election by the largest margin in recent memory, and c) he’s sunk his party for probably the next decade or so.
But to pile on Latham because he was recovering from a very serious illness is just beneath contempt. I know this won’t win me any points with the local RWDB community, but screw it, it’s how I feel.
And get well soon, Mark.