So the Clinton-era DOD worked on developing a non-lethal weapon comprised of pheromones, that would result in “widespread homosexual behavior“? Crikey. I bet that would crank up the motivation to find a real solution to “friendly fire” incidents. And what happened to Stephanopolous and Begala… were they collateral damage following a visit to Aberdeen Proving Ground or something? Of course it sure would explain the Reno/Shalala axis… Non-lethal, my ass. What about AIDS? And would it only serve to improve the effectiveness of units known to indulge in that behavior already? They also apparently worked on weapons that would cause severe and lasting halitosis (Major Sean… now the Massachusetts tie-in makes sense… I never knew you were stationed at Natick…) and another weapon that would make people pale, with skin unbearably sensitive to sunlight. Evidently, they were drawing on a weapon the medieval French whacked the British with, repeatedly…
So, Insty notes that Zephyr Teachout says the Dean campaign paid Kos to get him in bed, and keep him in bed with the Dean campaign. Meanwhile, Kos says he was working as a paid consultant – that’s what the money was for. It had nothing to do with getting him on Dean’s side…
You know, if Dr. Johnson were alive today, he’d probably have something pithy to say about the nature of prostitutes here, along the lines of “The prostitute insists she’s only paid to keep company, and that coital act is optional; while her client insists just the opposite, and neither assertion alters the fundamental nature of the transaction.
Oh well. I’m just going to call Kos “Armstrong Mousakka” from now on.

Obama Osama, fee fie yo momma bomma… Boy, that old Senator Ted Kennedy. He ain’tsh ash think ash you drunk he ish.
Speaking of liberal senators, Russ Feingold is thinking about running for POTUS in 2008. Now I don’t like Russ Feingold’s politics much, but I will admit he is principled, and I think he really does care about the country, and the people, in that daffy, left wing Arlo Guthrie / IWW sorta way. Matter of fact, I hate his politics. But he does strike me as decent. Too bad Hillary is going to rip him to shreds, and crouch over him in the primaries, Gollum-like, feasting on his intestines.
So it’s a hate crime to beat up a satanist? What’s up with that… I thought if you worshipped Satan, that you favored violence and evil. Shouldn’t you. . . applaud the person who kicks your ass? Just wondering…
Ann Althouse takes on Queer Eye for the Straight Girl and notes that there is something disconcerting about it. When the “Eyes” clean up a straight guy, the messiness is just part of being a normal heterosexual male. But there’s something wierd about a woman who is equally sloppy… and the tone of the show seems off-putting. Althouse notes that cleaning up the guy let’s his attractive inner guy show through. But the stereotype of women being neat, means that the outer mess is interpreted as reflecting an inner mess. I could tell Prof Althouse how we got here… simply put, I think there’s a pretty massive misogynistic streak in the gay male community. All gay guys don’t hate women, but a lot of them… I dunno. I can’t sum it up exactly, but there’s a catty-ness to their treatment of women, especially straight women. Maybe it’s a competition thing? I don’t know… Living in D.C. tho, you get to know a lot of gays, and misogyny is a noticeable trait among a certain prominent subset, in my experience.
Of course you know what this means… if Andy Sullivan reads this, I’ll be linked to as a guy who is encouraging women to beat up on gay guys…
Okay, so a French guy who plays for a soccer team, SS Lazio, shoots the Nazi salute after scoring a goal. And we’re supposed to be surprised? Come on, folks – they are SS Lazio, for God’s sake. And we shouldn’t be surprised that young Prince Harry showed up for a fancy dress party wearing an Afrika Corps-esque uniform, with a swastika armband. After all, the British royal family is basically German…
And you have to admire the integrity of the Indonesian government. “Yep, we’d rather let lots of our people die, than accept help from you subhuman, abhorrent to Allah infidel scum.
It’s a wierd world out there folks, and it’s getting stranger by the day.



  1. GOD


  2. James

    To be fair, what Indonesia is apparently saying is that they want the troops to leave *when the relief effort is finished*, which seems more reasonable. Still not exactly diplomatic, but more understandable than the “we’d rather have lots of other people die than accept aid from Israel” line which come up…

  3. Major Sean Bannion

    Al – I thought you used to be an intel guy. And here you are giving away my secrets? You must not have been very good at locking up the SCIF every night. Now I am going to have to go in REALLY deep cover. (insert off-color jokes here)
    Wonder if Andrew Sullivan’s place over in Provincetown is available for a while….

  4. Major Sean Bannion

    On Kos…
    Soxblog points out that Kos reserved his real scorn not for Armstrong Williams, but for the Department of Education.
    So does that mean Kos is supposed to be trashing the Dean campaign now?
    Hey…just asking. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Unless you’re Kos and the gander is a Republican.

  5. Al Maviva

    Major Sean – sorry buddy. Didn’t mean to give it away.
    As for renting Andy’s place for the summer… well, if you were deep under cover in Andy’s place in P-town, odds are cover isn’t the only thing you’d find yourself under.
    As for Kos… well, he’s like most of the left. Lotta cute little snarky boys and girls, lotta nifty slogans, nice graphics, and exquisite taste in wine and cheese. Not many adults living in that neighborhood these days though, unfortunately…
    And as for the chronic halitosis – hey, it didn’t bother me that much. I will be sending a bill for my cat’s veterinary treatment, however.

  6. Gary Fasso

    You’re welcome. From Peter McGuire. You’re welcome to share the 8 hour work day with us, welcome to enjoy weekends, health care co-operatives, self-administered pension plans, safety regulations, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp., and simply the ability to unite with people that share the same concerns (see above). I’m not responding in anger or indignation, I just don’t think people realize the sacrifices that have been made, by folks you’ll never meet. ‘Cause they’re dead. I support honoring people such as A. Philip Randolph and MLK, who, by the way, was in town to support striking sanitation workers when he was killed. Thanks for letting me in. Peace