A Snowball’s Chance In Texas…

…can mean big bucks:
Texans who had snow for the first time in more than a century at Christmas are selling snowballs on eBay.
Most have so far only attracted bids of a few dollars – but one has attracted a bid of more than 10,000.
Its owner said: “This is a wonderful piece of history, a snowball has not been made in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in over a hundred years.
“This I made in my front yard in Laguna Vista on December 25, 2004. It has not snowed here since about 1889.
“A lot of people here never seen snow, it was an extraordinary event. If you are a science buff or just want part of history for many years you should bid now.”
Another snowball seller, student Patricia Lucas, 18, from Sugar Land near Houston, assured potential buyers her snow was “in great condition, very clean bright white”.
She told the LA Times: “People sell crazy stuff on EBay, and I figured someone would buy a snowball.”