Have a cuppa for tsunami relief

Want to help Indian Ocean victims the libertarian way? Take N.Z. Bear’s advice and buy Indonesian coffees and Sri Lankan teas. He’s got a long list of linked sources.
IF you know of any other Indonesian/Thai/Indian/Sri Lankan/Malay/Maldivian products or companies to support, please leave them in the comments. I can personally vouch for Ayam brand Malay curry supplies and Trident brand Thai soup mixes.



  1. Kathy K

    Check the ‘ethnic foods’ section at the grocers. Most of ours carry ‘Thai Kitchen’ products. Try some of them — if you like Thai food. Good stuff, made in Thailand. You may find some others on the shelves too.
    Since I love Thai food, I’m not sure I’m doing good by buying it… or just looking for an excuse.

  2. Victory Soap

    Caffeine Aid

    Here’s an idea: a great way to help the countries that were devastated by the tsunami: buy their products. There’s a whole lot of links in that post, not just to purveyors of the caffeinated beverages that keep so many…

  3. it comes in pints?

    That’s Gratitude

    Maybe I won’t be buying any Indonesian coffee after all: Indonesia Reasserts Control Over Aid BANDA ACEH, Indonesia Foreign aid workers in Indonesia’s tsunami-stricken Aceh province (search) must take military escorts to areas facing insurgency viole…