The arrogance of compassion

It seems that World Vision, collecting money for tsunami relief, has returned a half-million dollar donation from Clubs NSW… because they were the proceeds of drinking and gambling.
However, Tim Costello, the head of WV, has reversed his rule after witnessing the carnage first-hand. How arrogantly magnanimous of him, the twit.


One comment


    Ohfergodsake. What a clusterf**k of puritanical hypocrites. Is there a starving child in Asia right now that would push away a plate of food saying “No, this food is tained by gambling money”?
    It’s always the repressed who are the ones who go home, lock the office door and go to porn and gambling sites.
    This is not just about the money. This is a feeble attempt by these same hypocritical clowns to deny the gambling community some legitimacy. Can’t have gamblers helping starving disaster victims with their free money, now can we? What would be next, giving to hurricane victims here at home?