The Reasons For The Season

(Original posted on my blog December 23, 2002. Emphasis is added.)
Journalists have postulated on the “holiday blues” before, but to my knowledge none have ever gotten to the root of it all. Even those who dispute the spiritual element should appreciate my sociological observations.

While Christmas is officially a celebration of the birth of Jesus, for much of the Western world December 25 has come to be a celebration of family and community. No other time of the year is so thoroughly saturated with images pointing to our highest hopes for such relationships – and no other time of the year so effectively highlights the difference between our ideals and the world as it really is. Jesus came to Earth to bridge not only the chasm between humanity and God, but also that rift that separates people from each other. Christmas reminds us that we live in a broken world, and it seeks to encourage us by showing us through religious and even many secular trappings how that brokenness can be fixed.
Best of holiday wishes to all my readers.

And to Sasha and all her readers.